Install the NLP Suite - NLP-Suite/NLP-Suite GitHub Wiki

NLP Suite GitHub release (latest by date)

Click here for the easiest way to get started and download and install the current release of the freeware, open-source NLP Suite package.

  • Download, Install, Update, Run the NLP Suite
    This page contains information on how to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL the NLP Suite package, on how to keep your local package constantly up-to-date with the latest release on GitHub (UPDATE), and on how RUN the NLP Suite. Read these pages carefully and follow the instructions; it will save you a lot of grief later.
    Visit the Troubleshooting page if you run into errors with the installation.
  • Anaconda
    The algorithms of the NLP Suite are mostly written in Python. Python, in its turn, relies on Anaconda.
  • Install External Software
    The NLP Suite relies on a number of freeware, external software to do specialized things, from JAVA to Stanford CoreNLP, Stanza, Gephi, Google Earth Pro, Google Maps, MALLET, WordNet. You will need to install these free software packages. JAVA and Stanford CoreNLP are a must, or you will not be able to do very much; the others, you can download as needed. When you first run the NLP Suite, you will be directed to the appropriate websites for downloading each external software so there is really no need to read the Install External Software instructions.

Visit the NLP Suite Architecture page for information on the NLP Suite design.