Base map - NEU-DSG/Leaflet-core GitHub Wiki

The base map is the map underlying all the pins. It is what displays Boston, its neighborhoods, and neighboring towns, cities, and states. The base map we selected is provided by the Leaflet.js library.

  • The base map should have enough detail for a user to walk around and recognize where they are in relation to the map. But it should not contain too much detail that it gets distracting to see the art pins.
  • Boston’s neighborhoods should be clear on the map; it would be preferable for everywhere else to be slightly faded. The contrast should highlight that this project/map only covers Boston. The user would be focused on Boston, but get a sense for its location relative to other neighboring areas. To do this, we added colored borders that reflect Boston's borders and the neighborhoods within Boston.
  • We added a maximum zoom-out range so that the user will always be centered on Boston and its immediate surroundings. This is to show that the scope of the project is limited to Boston, and not state-wide, nation-wide, or world-wide.