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Install .NET 7.0 SDK

Currently, the latest version .NET 7.0.4 (SDK v7.0.202) has a bug. The current installation recommendations are to go to this gritty page:

And grab 7.0.3 (SDK7.0.2.01) specifically

Try to NOT install/uninstall multiple SDKs repeatedly

If after installing the .NET 7.0 SDK as instructed above it doesn't work, try following this FAQ first


It's usually a good idea to restart your computer after installing DotNet SDK. Helps things settle in.

Download Synthesis

Currently the place to go is the release page

On the latest release, download just the file. The other files are not needed.

Unzip the archive somewhere you like. Make sure you bring along ALL the files within the zip, not just Synthesis.exe

It will create a few files nearby itself, so it is good to put it within its own folder.

Run Synthesis

You're ready to run Synthesis!

Typical Usage

Having SDK Problems?

Check out the FAQ on the topic

Are You a User?

Check out the Typical Usage

Are You a Developer?

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