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This is a guide on how to use cards in your game using the MUD cards ontology

mudcard playable specification

If an object has this property it is indicating that it respects the specifications for being used as a playing card in a game. Set it like so:

:myCharacter a mudchar:Character ;
    # ...
    mud:implementsSpecification <> .

mudcard properties

After indicating that the resource is playable as a card, it can have the following properties:

  • mudcard:description: an optional description (xsd:string) which describes the effects of playing the card
  • foaf:depiction: an optional depiction of the card. Borrowed from the vocabulary Friend of a Friend
  • mudcard:playTarget: instructs the game how the card should be played. E.g. if it's an action that effects characters, the target could be <>. If this value isn't present the game COULD assume that it's played on nothing