Guide - MrCreeps/Erimos Wiki

Hello, this is a guide.

The Erimos mod adds only late game content, start progressing in the mod, you will most likely at least partial or full Netherite armor, and a Netherite Pickaxe to collect new ores.

(JEI is recommended for recipes)

The first step is to mine Cobalt, which spawns below Y 128. You need a Netherite Pickaxe to do so. Mining Cobalt Ore, will result in Raw Cobalt, which must be smelted into it's ingot.

After getting Cobalt, you need to make a Cobalt Pickaxe. It is not recommended to make Cobalt armor if you already have Netherite, you should just wait for Painite.

Using a Cobalt Pickaxe, you can mine Painite Ore, which drops Painite.

Using Painite you can craft the respected tool and armor set.

Next you must fight the Ancient One, Ghoulish One, and (Tormentor) in any order. To fight them you must build the corresponding altar setup, which consists of 8 bricks, 4 basins, and the altar.

(Example of an altar)

To power a basin (like seen in the image above), you must right click a basin with Painite. Powering a basin is not a 100% chance, and there are 3 stages when powering. The boss cannot be summoned until all 4 basins are at level 3.

Upon defeating all 3 bosses, you can craft the Ancient Orb, Ghoulish Orb, Tormented Orb, and 1 Petranite to make an Erimosean Tablet, which summons the final boss, The Erimos.

The Erimos drops a Death Token, which cannot be used yet, but will be used to activate Death Mode.