Update Logs - MrBurdy/More-Machinery-Features Wiki

You will find here all versions, from the most modern to the most prehistoric.

Update 1.4.8: (June 24, 2022)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Added: using an axe on a waxed copper block gives back the honeycomb.
  • Added command: /trigger MBhat, allows you to wear any object as a hat.
  • Added compatibility with Mangrove wood for ATF, AFF and Timber.
  • Major modification of the Quarry.
  • Modification of the craft of the ATF, it requires only one dropper instead of 9.
  • Adjustment of some effect of the Trapped Barrel.
  • Adjustment of the Recruiter, the power of his minions will now depend on the difficulty of the game.
  • Adjustment of the Ender-bowman, it has now only 5 health points.
  • Fixed Daily Quest "Go into the Nether".
  • Fixed ATF, when you drop a chest to change the teleportation side.

Update 1.4.7: (June 14, 2022)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Added textures for Automatic Fish Farm, Auto Feeder, Automatic Factory Farm and Digital Quarry
  • Added the ability to have any player's head.
  • Modification, you no longer need to have 'silk touch' to mine the ender chest.
  • Modification of the recipes book, it now has descriptions on how the machines work.
  • Removed some advancements.
  • Fixed the link in the chat to the Resource Pack was incorrect.
  • Fixed Storage Drawers did not give back the items anymore.

Update 1.4.6: (June 11, 2022)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Updated to be compatible with 1.19.
  • Added the ability to fully translate the datapack and added French language support.
  • Added the Ancient Scroll: Hammer.
  • Added structure: Ship.
  • Added structure: Stonehenge.
  • Added structure: Spider Nest.
  • Added structure: Fallen Tree.
  • Added structure: Moai.
  • Added structure: Fairy Ring.
  • Added structure: Fairy Circle.
  • Added: new rooms for the Endless Dungeon.
  • Modification of the boss rooms. (Endless Dungeon)
  • Added texture for: Advanced Crafting Table, Redstone Transmitter, Fluid Tank, Killer, Storage Drawers, Elevator, Mob Filter and Automatic Tree Farm.
  • Removed craft for the Sculk Sensor.

Update 1.4.5: (May 24, 2022)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Added 150 different Daily Quests.
  • Modification of the horses and how the baby gets the statics from both parents. (breeding of horses will be more interesting)
  • Fixed the problem that the message for horses was no longer displayed correctly
  • Fixed the craft of the Netherite forge was incorrect. (the Nether Star was missing and was replaced by a Netherite block)

Update 1.4.4: (May 12, 2022)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Updated to be compatible with 1.18.2.
  • Added: Cloning.
  • Added: new rooms for the Endless Dungeon.
  • Added: message every morning showing the number of days survived.
  • Added: message each time you discover a new biome.
  • Modification of the Digital Quarry: it now works by Dimension.
  • Modification of the structures: can be/locate.

Update 1.4.3: (October 20, 2021)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Added the Ancient Scroll: Velocity.
  • Added armor can be dyed. (requires Optifine)
  • Added a surprise in the Minecraft Spawn Bonus Chest.
  • Modification of the chance of getting an Ancient Scroll when enchanting an item from 15% to 20%.
  • Modification of the texture of the Yellow Submarine.
  • Fixed the boxes in the Endless Dungeon which were empty.

Update 1.4.2: (October 14, 2021)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Added Boss Heads. (trophy)
  • Added, the current upgrades of a wolf can be displayed. ( Sneak + Right Click)
  • Added a craft for the Door Key.
  • Added a craft for the Bundle.
  • Modification of the Forges.
  • Modification of the Enchant Reducer, it now accepts enchanted books.
  • Modification of the Trapped Barrel, you can now craft several at the same time.
  • Modification of Magic Mirror cooldown reduced to 2 minutes.
  • Modification of '/function more_machinery_and_features:giveall' to '/function mmaf:giveall'. (same for all other commands)
  • Modification of the Ancient Scroll 'Howl Vision', the night vision effect no longer blinks.
  • Fixed the Ancient Scroll 'Veining', it will no longer display an inappropriate error message.
  • Fixed the Ancient Scroll 'Vigor', it is compatible with all chest plates and no longer causes armor problems.
  • Fixed the Trapped Barrel also gave the effects to the spectators.
  • Fixed the Magic Mirror, it was not teleporting to the right place due to the "Nether".
  • Fixed Magic Mirror, it didn't change the gamemode when leaving/joining the Endless Dungeon

Update (October 04, 2021)

  • Updated datapack description. (pack.mcmeta)
  • Added a craft for the Sculk Sensor.
  • Modification if the dimensions are not loaded correctly, you cannot craft them anymore.
  • Modification, we can also make the Glow Item Frame invisible.
  • Fixed the Tresor Finder, the particles will disappear correctly.

Update 1.4.1: (September 30, 2021)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Updated to be compatible with 1.17.
  • Added, the "Block of Raw Ore" can be cooked to give directly their corresponding blocks.
  • General optimization.

Update 1.4: (September 30, 2021)

  • Updated Resource Pack.
  • Updated terms of use.
  • Added dimension: Endless dungeon.
  • Added Digital Quarry.
  • Added Quarry with Fortune III enchantment.
  • Added the Fluid Tank.
  • Added the Redstone Transmitter.
  • Added the Experience Bush.
  • Added the Explosive Torpedo.
  • Added Magic Mirror and Escape Rope.
  • Added the Recipes book.
  • Added 50 new effects for the Trapped Barrel. (150 in total)
  • Added a new enchantment system: Ancient Scroll.
  • Added for the armor holder: you can show or hide its first name.
  • Added first names to the villagers. ( 1 000 )
  • Added Adult mode for the Mob Filter.
  • Added, tools can be colored.
  • Added, Item Frame can be made invisible.
  • Added the Empty Can and 5 new fishes available in the 'Sea World' dimension.
  • Modified the Submarine: added a container.
  • Modified the Submarine: it becomes unbreakable when a player is inside.
  • Modified the Submarine: added 16 variants with the 16 colors of Minecraft.
  • Modified the Automatic Factory Farm: the hoe shows the center and the teleportation area.
  • Modified the Automatic Tree Farm: you can see the information via the hoe.
  • Modified the Teleporter: it now works in all dimensions of the Data Pack.
  • Modified the Mob Catcher: becomes enchanted when it contains a creature.
  • Modified the Hunting dimension: added pyramids and abandoned villages.
  • Modified the Sea World dimension: added villages that appear in the Jungle Edge.
  • Modified the Sea World dimension: skeletons will no longer have a bow but can have a stone sword.
  • Modified the Void Storage.
  • Modified the Tamed Spider: the egg now hatches in 5 minutes.
  • Modified the Tamed Spider: the egg now has a 2% chance of being dropped and the enchantment 'Looting' gives a better chance. ( 2 + ( 1.5 x Looting_Level ) )
  • Tamed Spider modification: now takes 20 minutes to grow but must be fed every 5 minutes.
  • Modified the Tamed Spider: produces its web every 2 minutes and its venom every 5 minutes.
  • Modified the 'Burner' to 'Killer'.
  • Modified the Storage Drawers: the number of items is now displayed in the block interface.
  • Modified the Storage Drawers: you can now retrieve and replace it while it contains items.
  • Modified and upgraded the command: ' /function more_machinery_and_features:giveall '
  • Modified the Floating Islands: added 'Ancient Scrolls' in the chests.
  • Modified the Floating Islands: changed the generation system.
  • Modified: when you put a Data Pack egg on a spawner, the spawner will be reset and the egg will be given back to you.
  • Trapped Chest changed to Trapped Barrel.
  • Modified the Recruiter, it is now faster than a zombie and its invocation now takes 6 seconds.
  • Modified the Aid, it now appears with 3 random monsters. ( zombie or skeleton or creeper )
  • Modified the Wandering Miner: it now appears in all caves and close to a player.
  • Removed the Trapped Chest Finder.
  • Removed the Quarry with the Smelting enchantment.
  • Removed the generation of Trapped Barrel in caves.
  • Removed the recipe for cheating eggs (now included in the command '/function more_machinery_and_features:giveall ' )
  • Fixed a bug: the submarine was reset when placed on land.
  • Fixed a bug: the functionality to retrieve a spawner in survival mode was not working properly anymore.
  • Fixed a bug: the message on death did not work if the gamerule doImmediateRespawn was set to true.
  • Fixed a Minecraft bug: the Automatic Factory Farm and the Quarry sometimes had a visual problem due to Minecraft, the system has been modified and the problem is now solved.
  • General optimization.

Update 1.3.1: (September 15, 2020)

  • Adding new advancements
  • Modification of the Automatic Factory Farm: it can now farm kelp
  • Modification of the Submarine: the biofuel runs only 10 seconds (before 60 seconds)
  • Fixed: The Automatic Factory Farm without fences requires space for the fences
  • Fixed: The Automatic Factory Farm was first teleporting items and then reloading. This was causing problems when reloading
  • Fixed: The Automatic Factory Farm, messages were not displayed correctly
  • Fixed: The Storage Drawers would break if a block was placed on top of it
  • Fixed: The Storage Drawers was accepting all items even if they didn't match
  • Fixed a minecraft bug: Vanilla dimensions were not reloading anymore

Update 1.3: (August 19, 2020)

  • Adding the Submarine
  • Adding upgrades for dogs
  • Adding dimension: Mining
  • Adding dimension: Hunting
  • Adding dimension: Sea World
  • Adding 50 new effects for the Trapped Chest (100 in total)
  • Fixed a bug: you can place Quarry, Automatic Factory Farm, Automatic Tree Farm in the dimension: Void Storage

Update 1.2.1: (August 15, 2020)

  • Adding the command: ‹ /function more_machinery_and_features:giveall › to give all the machines
  • Modification of the Automatic Factory Farm: you can use any hoe to consult and change the settings
  • Modification of the forge: it will be destroyed if you break the furnace
  • Fixed: when the Automatic Factory Farm was placed on farmland, the machine didn't appear
  • Fixed: the command ‹ /function more_machinery_and_features:uninstall › did not remove trapped chests
  • Fixed: the ‹ components › could be used as dropper in the Advanced Crafting Table
  • Fix for the 1.16.2: Void Storage was no longer working

Update 1.2: (August 8, 2020)

  • Adding: Trapped Chest
  • Adding: a message appearing when you die, indicating the place of your death
  • Adding, Automatic Factory Farm can now have crimson and warped fences
  • Adding, when collecting a beehive or best nest, the number of honey is displayed
  • Adding Tamed spider Egg and Trapped Chest to the recipe to get the eggs in creative
  • Adding a lot of advancements
  • Adding secrets
  • Modification of the Automatic Tree Farm: it doesn't need to be reloaded anymore
  • Modification of the Automatic Factory Farm: the bone meal must now be placed in a container in the centre and it can now store up to 80 bone meal
  • Modification of the forge: the dragon ender egg forge has been removed and replaced by the netherite forge
  • Modification of the forge: the beacon forge and the netherite forge have exchanged their powers
  • Modification of the Tamed spider: the egg now takes 10 minutes to hatch
  • Modification of the Tamed spider: it now produces its web every 3 minutes and if it can't place it, it will drop some string
  • Modification of the Tamed spider: its poison now gives Wither II for 20 seconds
  • Modification of the Ender-bowman: it takes longer to teleport and can no longer appear in the End
  • Fixed: Quarry and the Automatic Factory Farm became black when they hit a block
  • Fixed: Mob Catcher can now capture any creature except bosses
  • Fixed: Mob Catcher gives back the leash if you capture an leashed creature
  • Fixed: the advancement 'Remote Gateway' was given to the player if he was using a teleporter
  • Fixed: it was possible to place a teleporter close to another machine
  • Fixed: to add a base plate to an armor stand, it was necessary to throw a stone slab, and not a smooth stone slab
  • Major optimization

Update 1.1: (July 15, 2020)

  • Adding: Mob Catcher
  • Adding: Elevator
  • Adding: Mob Filter
  • Adding: positions for armor stand (same as on bedrock)
  • Quarry Modification: xp orbs are again teleported to the nearest player to prevent the accumulation of xp orbs
  • Void Storage Modification: removes the nausea effect and optimization
  • Optimization of the system to count bees in the hive blocks
  • Fixed a bug: the eggs in this datapack were usable on mob spawners which in some cases resulted in an unwanted spawner, now the spawner will be automatically transformed into a zombie spawner
  • Fixed: the Quarry and Automatic Tree Farm were no longer recharging
  • Fix for the 1.16: now creatures were no longer appearing.
  • Fix for the 1.16: Floating Islands were generating too much

Update 1.0: (July 6, 2020)

  • Adding: Storage Drawers
  • Adding: Void Storage
  • Adding: Enchant Reducer
  • Modification of the Fish Farm: it now works with wheat seeds and string. It consumes one seed and 3 strings for each catch and brings back the same items as a fishing rod without any enchantment
  • Modification to the Feeder and Fish Farm to reload them: you will now have to put items directly into the dropper
  • Modification for all machines that store items: items will be accepted even if they are more than the number the machine can store. They will only take what they need
  • Modification of the Quarry with the silk touch effect: the system is more optimized and all the blocks are taken into account
  • Modification of the dark oak leaves: they will release saplings 4 times more often
  • Optimization: islands will appear at once instead of being cut in several parts
  • Fix for the 1.16: message for horses was no longer displayed correctly
  • Fix for the 1.16: new mobs were no longer working properly
  • Fix for the 1.16: Teleporter was no longer working properly
  • Fix for the 1.16: Floating Island equipment was not working properly anymore

Update 0.9: (April 21, 2020)

Update 0.8: (April 11, 2020)

Update 0.7: (March 26, 2020)

Update 0.6: (September 13, 2018)

Update 0.5: (July 16, 2017)

Update 0.4: (February 1, 2017)

Update 0.3: (July 2, 2016)

  • Adding: Burner
  • Adding: Tree farm
  • Adding: auto feeder
  • Adding: recipe book
  • Adding: a sign to give the item of the no mod.
  • Quarry's speed doubled.
  • Optimization of crafts.

Update 0.2: (June 19, 2016)

  • Adding: Quarry
  • Adding: Armor Stand can be customized
  • Adding: Tamed spider
  • When you place one farm too close to another and the egg appears with the error message now the egg is called "Your farm are too close to each other! and it makes barrier particles
  • There is now a /title when installing the machine
  • Disables "logAdminCommands" to avoid leagues on servers
  • Quarry replaces lava and water by stone

Update 0.1: (June 17, 2016)

  • Added the farm and the crafting system