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BtnCmd Main Screen

The image above shows the main BtnCmd screen with an example configuration.

Plugin Settings

Open the settings bar by clicking the cog icon located at the bottom right of the window.
enter image description here

Access to the main plugin feature settings is via the five icons located in the left of the settings bar

enter image description here

The five buttons are as follows (left to right):

  1. Plugin Info
  2. Plugin Global Settings
  3. Event Settings (Optional - only shown if Events are enabled)
  4. SBCC Settings (Optional - only shown if SBCC is enabled)
  5. Backup & Restore Settings

Edit Mode & Create Mode

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Edit mode is where layouts & configuration changes are made. It can be enabled by clicking the green edit mode button.

In Edit mode the following additional buttons are available.
enter image description here

The buttons are (from left to right):

  1. Edit Current Tab Settings
  2. Clone Current Tab - Make a new copy of the currently selected tab.
  3. Add A New Tab
  4. Delete Current Tab - Delete the current Tab
  5. Add a new Panel
  6. Add a new Button to the Current Tab
  7. Save Changes
  8. Save Changes and close Edit Mode
  9. Close Edit Mode without saving

When in edit mode, custom button icons will change to a Cog, and now when a button is clicked it will activate the resizing frame, and allow moving the button around the window with click+drag. In addition each button has a right click context pop-up menu:
right click menu

The right click pop-up menu buttons are as follows (left to right):

  1. Toggle between Auto size and Manual Size button.
  2. Delete Button - Deletes Button
  3. Clone button - Makes a new copy of the current button.
  4. Bring To Front - Move button to top layer
  5. Edit Button Settings - Edit the actions and parameters of the button.

Create Mode is where custom panels can be made. Custom Panels can be included within layouts like any normal panel. Create mode can be enabled by clicking the red create mode button.

Create mode has the same feature set as layout mode. Learn how to use create mode here.

Note : When a job is running BtnCmd will disable certain buttons to avoid disrupting the job.