Known Issues - MikaylaFischler/cc-mek-scada GitHub Wiki


  • RTU purge uninstallation with the installer will fail to remove the log file if the RTU has already been uninstalled with remove. This can't be easily fixed until the new config architecture is implemented (see issue #145).

User Experience

  • ComputerCraft versions prior to this fix will not display 12-hour time correctly.
  • Monitors have been found to freeze under some circumstances in newer versions of CC: Tweaked. So far, it appears chunkloading the monitors & computers avoids this issue, but always make sure the clocks on the main and flow monitors are updating and that the PLC Heartbeat on the unit monitors are blinking. Those indications mean that the data you see is being refreshed.


  • Beta versions of Advanced Peripherals may not have both radiation functions and therefor will not function with this system. Compatibility is unlikely to be patched.
  • There appears to be issues with Advanced Peripherals interaction with Mekanism on Minecraft 1.20 versions of those mods that causes a game crash. This is out of my hands, since my software simply runs in ComputerCraft and can't catch exceptions. It is recommended to update your version of the mod if it is out of date. Otherwise, you won't be able to use environment detectors as radiation monitors. This is resolved by AdvancedPeripherals #532