Host Settings - MickeyUK/SmashSoda Wiki

The Host Settings widget contains some new options, outlined here.

Kiosk Mode

Smash Soda has a Kiosk Mode setting in the Host Settings widget. This allows you to set a game/application file path (and any launch parameters it requires), and if this application crashes during hosting it will automatically restarted.

It does this by automatically generating a batch file called kioskbatch.bat in the Smash Soda program folder. This batch is then automatically run when clicking the host button.

Some applications, in particular emulators like Yuzu, require you to pass additional parameters to the application. To launch Smash Bros Ultimate automatically, for example, you would have to do something like this:

Kiosk Application Filepath


Kiosk Parameters

-f -g "C:\path\to\your\smash\bros\game\Smash Bros Ultimate.nsp"

Admins and moderators can force the kiosk application to restart with the !restart command. Note that it will look for a process that matches the filename set in the might cause problems if your kiosk application doesn't have aunique name!


Smash Soda has a Hotseat setting in the Host Settings widget. When enabled, this will automatically swap your guests in to the gamepad 1 slot...useful for when hosting single player games!

The hotseat system will automatically go down the list of guests in your room, giving them pad 1:

[ChatBot] | MickeyUK now has the gamepad!

You can set a Hotseat Duration in minutes which will automatically count down in the background. During this time, the ChatBot will say how much time the hotseat guest has left to play in regular intervals:

[ChatBot] | MickeyUK has 4 minutes left!

When a guest is about to be switched in to the gamepad 1 slot, they will receive a 10 second warning (so that they're not about to jump to their death!):


Sometimes guests are happy to spectate and want to be skipped by the hotseat system. They can be skipped by using the !spectate command.

[ChatBot] | MickeyUK is now spectating.