Build Guide - MickeyUK/SmashSoda Wiki

This guide will help you set up a development environment for working on Smash Soda, should you wish to contribute to the project.

Setting up C++ Environment

  1. Download Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition.
  2. With the Visual Studio Installer on the Workloads tab, select Desktop development with C++
  3. On the Individual Components tab, search for C++/cli.
  4. Select C++/CLI support for v143 build tools (latest) and then hit download and install.

Setting up Smash Soda

  1. Clone the Master branch of this repository to somewhere on your computer.

  2. Open the ParsecSoda.sln solution in Visual Studio 2022.

  3. Now you must choose one of many paths, depending on the goals of your build. Your options are:

    • Debug: intended for developers, creates a larger executable but that allows developers to inspect code flow.
    • Release: intended for final use, creates a lightweight executable stripped from all unnecessary attachments.
    • x64: For 64-bit Windows users.
    • x86: For 32-bit Windows users.

Below is a list of possible executable directories:

Build Goal Folder
x64 Debug /x64/Debug
x64 Release /x64/Release
x32 Debug /Debug
x32 Release /Release
  1. Copy the dependency files to the root of your build folder:
Dependency File Source What is it for?
Parsec SDK dll parsec.dll or parsec32.dll /Dependencies/parsecsdk/windows/ Prevents application from crashing, since everything related to Parsec SDK is built upon that dll. Copy parsec.dll if your system is x64. For 32 bits, copy parsec32.dll.
SDL2 SDL2.dll /Dependencies/sdl/lib/x64 or /Dependencies/sdl/lib/x86 Prevents the application from crashing, since the usage of SDL2 in the Master of Puppets requires that dll. Copy SDL2.dll from the /x64 subfolder if your system is x64. For 32 bits, copy it from the /x86 subfolder.
icons The icons folder /ParsecSoda/icons Without this, ParsecSoda displays no icons, every button and image becomes blank.
fonts The fonts folder /ParsecSoda/fonts Without this, all fonts and font sizes will be wrong, degrading user experience.
sfx The sound effects folder /ParsecSoda/sfx These are standard sound effects. Without this, the app may crash when a sfx is played (e.g.: when blocking or kicking an user).