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Implicitly variant material_

:heavy_check_mark: = mostly or completely implemented in one or more mods
:large_orange_diamond: = partially implemented in one or more mods
:x: = no known implementation in any mods

Netch are variously colored :heavy_check_mark:

"The betty netch is a large hovering beast, supported by internal sacks of magical vapors. The betty netch, the female of the species, is smaller than the male bull netch, but fiercely territorial. Cured netch skin, durable, flexible, and variously colored, is used throughout the Empire in garments, armor, weapons, household goods, and furnishings."

  • Issue(s): Netch are monochromatic - there may be other varieties with different pigmentation.
  • Solution(s): Creatures Version XI adds a green and black Netch
Ornate Dwarvish armor :x:

"Fur armor is a light armor style popular among Nord barbarians. Dreugh is a remarkably strong Dunmer medium armor, made from Dreugh hide. But the most famous exotic armor is Dwemer, or Dwarvish armor, a highly ornate heavy armor valued as much for its rarity and antique craftsmanship as for its distinctive impact-absorbing qualities in combat."

  • Issue(s): The dwarven armor we see in game is NOT ornate. Perhaps this would be referring to an armor in the style of Oblivion's dwarven armor.
  • Solution(s): None
Velothi underclass :x:

"The Velothi are people of Ashlander stock who have abandoned nomadic life and settled among the native Dunmer; the Velothi are despised by their Ashlander cousins as weak and soft, while the Dunmer look down upon the Velothi as an insignificant underclass."

  • Issue(s): This Dunmer underclass doesn't appear to be prominently featured in the game; though it is alluded to in Gnisis.
  • Solution(s): None
Ashlanders joining the Sixth House :heavy_check_mark:

"Most Ashlanders wish all foreigners and their false gods could be driven from Morrowind. At very least, Ashlanders wish the foreign devils would leave them in peace. Ashlanders think it shameful to attack unarmed persons, but they will kill without hesitation an armed person who offends them or their clan laws. No Ashlander is fool enough to make war against the Empire. However, if such a war might be won, many Ashlanders might cheerfully give their lives to win such a war."

  • Issue(s): Most Ashlanders seem to accept the beliefs of Dagoth Ur. It implies that some could potentially join him as he gains power during the main quest.
  • Solution(s): Ashlander Rebels makes some ashlanders join the Sixth House as the main quest progresses.
Ghost Snake mabrigash ability :x:

"And among outcast Ashlanders, beware the mabrigash, renegade witch-warrior women who practice dark magics." "A mabrigash is an Ashlander witch-warrior, a renegade wise woman who has forsaken the established rules of behavior for an Ashlander woman to become a master of dark magic and the weapons of war. By secret rituals the mabrigash steals a man's vital essence and makes herself a powerful sorcerer and warrior. The manifestation of her dark power is called a 'ghost snake' that paralyzes and drains a victim's vitality."

  • Issue(s): The Ghost Snake ability of the Mabrigash is rather underdeveloped. Sounds more like a magical manifestation/summon rather than a simple spell.
  • Solution(s): None
Dunmer martial arts :large_orange_diamond:

"The unarmed, unarmored martial arts traditions of the Marshmerrow, Salt Rice, and Golden Reed societies of the Dissident Priest, patterned on the 'Rain-of-Sand' fighting styles of Elsweyr, are slow to be adopted in the Empire, associated as they are with the ascetic renunciation of worldly wealth and material goods, and the rigid disciplines and mystical philosophies so alien to the Imperial West."

  • Issue(s): These Dunmer Martial Arts aren't prominently featured in the game. Also implies that there may be a Golden Reed plant in Morrowind.
  • Solution(s): OAAB Golden Reeds adds golden reeds to the coast of the Grazelands.
Kwama foragers in cave :x:

"The kwama forager scouts the surface of the land and natural underground passages, searching for suitable locations for new colonies, and hunting for prey. Foragers are aggressive but not very dangerous."

  • Issue(s): Kwama Foragers are not in cave leveled lists.
  • Solution(s): None
Ash salt deposits :x:

"Ash salts are hard grey crystals formed from the ash deposited by ash storms in the ash wastes and lava fields. Ash salts are most often collected from the remains of creatures like the ash slave, the ash ghoul, and ash zombie."

  • Issue(s): Implies that ash salts may be a harvestable ingredient/material in the Ashlands - from Ash Piles/Drifts.
  • Solution(s): None
Scrib shells :heavy_check_mark:

"Scribs are little baby kwama. We shuck the shells, crush the flesh into a jelly. Doesn't taste bad. And filling. Takes a while getting used to the texture, though."

  • Issue(s): Scribs have their shells shucked to get to the meat; so there could be empty scrib shells laying around egg miner camps - or Scrib Shell Fragments could be a drop.
  • Solution(s): Scrib Shells are added by OAAB Integrations and Creatures Version XI
Scout guide travel services :heavy_check_mark:

"I'm a scout. I know places, people, plants, paths, wind, and weather. I serve as guide for travelers and traders, or work as advance guard and pathfinder for expeditions. I know the geography of Vvardenfell, and the various geographic regions. My best defense is stealth, sneaking past trouble, but I can fight bow or blade, in various armor styles, when the job requires it."

  • Issue(s): Scouts claim to guide travelers, but will only point out directions on a map, they do not serve as guides.
  • Solution(s): Antares' Big Mod gives Scouts travel (guiding) services.
Valuable scrap metal :heavy_check_mark:

"The frost centurion is an enchanted animated artifact of Dwemer creation. Constructed in the form of an armored warrior, they are aggressive and dangerous. Scrap metal collected from Dwemer artifacts is rare and precious, and prized both by collectors of antiquities and students of metals and enchantments."

Hostile Ordinators :heavy_check_mark:

"I'm sorry. I understand. Then we have nothing further to discuss at this time. I will not apologize for the Temple's actions against you, or against the Dissident Priests. But I do believe it is time for such hostilities to stop. I regret that, at present, the Ordinators are not completely under my control, so I cannot guarantee that you will not be harmed. But if you change your mind, and are willing to meet with Vivec, please return to me at any time." "The Ashlanders have a prophecy that one day a reincarnation of the legendary hero Nerevar will unite the Dunmer against the invaders and restore the ancient Dark Elven nation. But the Tribunal Temple says this is a false and profane superstition, and the Ordinators deal mercilessly with those who profess such beliefs."

  • Issue(s): It is implied that the ordinators will be hostile towards the player after they proclaim to be the Nerevarine.
  • Solution(s): Antares' Big Mod makes Ordinators attack the player on sight after they proclaim to be the Nerevarine.
Healer healing services :heavy_check_mark:

"You look ravaged. Maybe you should see a healer. ;PCHealthPercent<=75" "Not so close! I don't want to catch what you've got. And you've got a blight disease. You're a danger to everyone. You must find an Imperial cult altar or a Temple shrine, or see a healer or apothecary, and get yourself cured. Otherwise, no one is going to talk to you."

  • Issue(s): It is implied that Healers offer healing and curative services, which they do not.
  • Solution(s): Healers and Religions Elaborated makes healers offer healing services. Healing.esp (part of ManaUser's Mini Mods collection) makes them offer health/attribute restoring and disease curing services.
Guar betting :x:

"Someone said that Ienas Sarandas lost his patrimony betting on the guar, and sold every piece of the family silverware to pay his debts."

  • Issue(s): You can't see others betting or bet on guar yourself in the game. Or this might just be an idiom for doing something foolish.
  • Solution(s): None
Harvest's End pageant :heavy_check_mark:

"For our coming Harvest's End pageant, we need a red shirt with a black vest. Please visit clothiers and ask if they would donate such a shirt and vest to the cult. The combination of shirt and vest is what they call a 'common shirt.' When you have the red shirt with a black vest, return and deliver them to me."

Gravedust looting :heavy_check_mark:

"Gravedust is spirit-affinitive dust taken from remains buried in consecrated ground."

Puzzle canal with treasures :large_orange_diamond:

"Beneath the Palace of Vivec is the Puzzle Canal, a place of worship and testing for questing heroes hoping to receive Vivec's favor. Many choice treasures are guarded by Daedric servants in the Puzzle Canal's dark passages."

  • Issue(s): The puzzle canal is not implemented in this way. For one, there is only one Daedric servant.
  • Solution(s): Puzzle Canal and Puzzly Puzzle Canal add puzzles to the Puzzle Canal. Bro, do you even puzzle?
Centurion frost weakness :heavy_check_mark:

Ruins of Kemel-Ze, regarding Steam Centurions: "The ice cracked above me. The giant golden king stood before me, the shell of ice falling away, his head swiveling towards me in triumph. Was there no stopping this Dwarven monstrosity?! But then the light faded from his eyes, and his arms dropped to his sides. The magical frost had worked, cooling its steam-driven energy."

  • Issue(s): It is implied by this book that steam-powered centurions may be severely weak to magical frost.
  • Solution(s): Corsair's MW Inconsistencies adds weakness to frost to Steam Centuriions, specifically; and makes them tougher than before.
Suran port :heavy_check_mark:

"[suran is] a busy port on the north shore of Lake Masobi, in the northwest corner of the Ascadian Isles. You can get there by going east from Pelagiad and around the north side of the Dren Plantation, following the roads east until you reach Suran. You can also take a Silt Strider there from Molag Mar or Vivec."

Vivec docks/harbor :heavy_check_mark:

Breathing Water, regarding Vivec: "His name was Tharien Winloth, but in Vivec, they called him the Tollman. His job, such as it was, was collecting a percentage of the loot from the smugglers when they came into harbor to bring to his boss in the Camonna Tong."

  • Issue(s): Implies that Vivec may have a larger harbor than it really does. One large enough for smugglers to dock unnoticed.
  • Solution(s): Vivec Expansion adds additional areas to Vivec for boats to dock, though no fully fledged harbor. Redesigned Vivec expands the dock area.
Illegal summoning :heavy_check_mark:

Summon Ancestral Ghost spell effect tooltip: "Summons an Ancestral Ghost to battle for the caster. It appears six feet in front of the caster and attacks any aggressive entity until the effect ends or the creature is killed. At death, or when the effect ends, the creature disappears. If summoned in town, guards will attack the caster and summoned creature on sight."

  • Issue(s): All the summoning tooltip descriptions include this statement along with an Xbox loading screen. Yet there are no actual repercussions in game for summoning in public areas.
  • Solution(s): Illegal Summoning and Kirel's Illegal Summoning addresses this omission.
Ashlander economy :large_orange_diamond:

"I am a herder. I watch over the tribe's herds of guar and shalk. I butcher the guar and shalk and preserve their meats to feed the tribe. I tan the guar hides, render the shalk resins, and season the shalk shells. Then the tribe's craftsmen take these things and make the things we need for ourselves, and the things we sell to traders and other tribes."

  • Issue(s): This description of Ashlander economy is severely underdeveloped in the game. And there are no shalk shells present in the game.
  • Solution(s): The Ashlanders and Ashlanders Herd partially address this.
Chitin ashlander yurt frames :large_orange_diamond:

"Ashlander nomadic camps have portable huts of hides stretched on chitin frames. These huts can be quickly dismantled and packed atop a guar when moving to new grazing and hunting grounds. The khan's hut is simply a larger, more elaborate version of a family hut."

  • Issue(s): Ashlander yurts appear to use wooden frames, based on the texture, not chitin. And they are never seen dismantled or moved in the game.
  • Solution(s): This is partially addressed in The Ashlanders.
Dunmer village style :x:

"The Dunmer village style is the most familiar style in all districts. Huts are built of local materials, with organic curves and undecorated exteriors inspired by the landscape and the shells of giant native insects. Villages are dominated by Temple compounds and courtyards in traditional villages, but in newer plantations, the manor houses are the central features."

  • Issue(s): This may specifically be referring to the Redoran Village style seen in Gnisis (note that most Redoran homes are called Huts). As most other villages seem to consist of the shacks which do not have an organic, natural style.
  • Solution(s): None
Rufinus Alleius, magistrate :heavy_check_mark:

"The Duke and the Grand Council members are here. Rufinus Alleius is the Imperial magistrate. Cavortius Albuttian is the head of the Imperial Guard, Duke Dren's palace guard. Frald the White, Knight Bachelor of the Imperial Legion, is the head of the Hawkmoth Legion Garrison. Lalatia Varian is the head priest of the castle's Imperial cult shrine. The wealthy Canctunian Ponius is the chief factor and banker of the East Empire Company."

  • Issue(s): Rufinus Alleius is described and treated as an Imperial Magistrate but he is actually an acrobat class.
  • Solution(s): He is made into a Magistrate by Antares' Big Mod
Heran Ancestral Tomb vs Chance's Folly :x:

Chance's Folly, regarding the Heran Ancestral Tomb: "Abruptly the passage ended with a large metal door, secured by a golden lock... As she turned, the door closed between her and the Breton. On her side, it did not resemble a door anymore, but a wall."

  • Issue(s): The Heran Ancestral Tomb has a few signs which link it to this book, but that door does not match its description at all. And there are no signs of advanced traps like tripwire.
  • Solution(s): None
Ring of the Wind :x:

Tamrielic Lore, regarding the Ring of the Wind: "No facts are known about this Ring, but the title and the few rumors lend one to think it grants the wearer added speed.

  • Issue(s): It is implied that the ring should fortify Speed. But it fortifies Agility. But this description is vague and agility could be mistaken for speed by some observers.
  • Solution(s): None
Daedric Crescent outlawed :heavy_check_mark:

Tamrielic Lore, regarding the Daedric Crescent: "Probably the most rare and even outlawed item of all the great prizes is the Daedric Crescent Blade. The Blade was used by Mehrunes Dagon's Daedric forces in the capture of the Imperial Battlespire. These extremely unique Blades were gathered up and destroyed after the Battlespire was recaptured by the Empire. All but one it seems. Though the Empire believes them all to be destroyed, it is rumored that one still remains in existence, somewhere in Tamriel, though none have ever seen it. The Blade lends it's [sic] wielder the ability to do great damage on an enemy and allows him to paralyze and put heavy wear on his enemy's armor. Quite the prize for any mighty warrior, if it does indeed exist."

  • Issue(s): Implies that the Crescent blade(s) are outlawed by the empire. So, Guards and Imperial Citizens may raise the alarm if they see you using one.
  • Solution(s): Eclipse of the Crescent Blade makes it so that Imperial Guards will attack you if they see you carrying it.
Plague wolf and yellow tick disease :x:

"Yellow tick is a mild common disease affecting a victim's strength and mobility. Symptoms include dark, bruise-like swelling, sensitive to touch. It may be contracted from the least kagouti."

  • Issue(s): Yellow Tick can also be contracted from the Plague Wolf. The Plague Wolf could perhaps use its own unique disease.
  • Solution(s): None
Restricted ebony economy :heavy_check_mark:

"Raw ebony is one of the most precious substances in the Empire, and most of the continent's deposits are here on Vvardenfell. Raw ebony itself is an extremely hard, durable, black glass-like substance, said to be the crystalized blood of the gods. Raw ebony is protected by Imperial law, and may not be mined or exported without an Imperial charter. Ebony smuggling is a profitable but dangerous source of illegal wealth on Vvardenfell."

Restricted glass economy :heavy_check_mark:

"The raw glass deposits here on Vvardenfell are the richest in the world. There's a fortune in raw glass here. It all used to belong to the Temple, but now it belongs to the Emperor -- or anyone of his cronies he gives a mine charter."

Restricted dwemer economy :heavy_check_mark:

"Weapons, armor, housewares, coins, and other items of Dwemer design are often found in Dwemer ruins. They are prized by historians and antiquarians, and very valuable. The Emperor, however, has declared all newly discovered Dwemer artifacts to be possessions of the Crown, and forbids their trade or sale. Now smuggling Dwemer artifacts is treason, but smugglers will still risk execution for such a profitable crime." "Yes, buying and selling Dwarven artifacts without an Imperial charter is illegal. But I've never heard of anyone pinched for it."

Almsivi Intervention to the altar :heavy_check_mark:

Almsivi Intervention spell effect tooltip: "The subject of this effect is transported instantaneously to the altar of the nearest shrine or edifice of the Tribunal Temple."

  • Issue(s): You are actually transported outside of the nearest shrine or edifice. Not to the altar. And not all altars are included. This means that players will not be able to instantly heal themselves after transportation.
  • Solution(s): Intervention Improved adds markers to locations which lacked them before and makes you appear directly in front of the altar instead of outside the building. Lurlock's Intervention Plus adds markers to locations which lacked them before but does not address the at-the-altar issue.
Divine Intervention to the altar :heavy_check_mark:

Divine Intervention spell effect tooltip: "Transports the subject of this effect instantaneously to the altar of the nearest shrine of the Imperial Cult."

  • Issue(s): You are actually transported outside of the nearest shrine of the Imperial Cult. Not to the altar. And not all altars are included. This means that players will not be able to instantly heal themselves after transportation.
  • Solution(s): Intervention Improved adds markers to locations which lacked them before and makes you appear directly in front of the altar instead of outside the building. Lurlock's Intervention Plus adds markers to locations which lacked them before but does not address the at-the-altar issue.
Dwemer constructs with souls :heavy_check_mark:

Detect Animal spell effect tooltip: "Allows the caster of this effect to detect any entity animated by a spirit; said entities appear on the map as red-circle symbols. This effect includes all classes of monsters (creatures, undead, Daedra, Dwemer constructs). Humanoids are NOT detected by this spell. The magnitude is the range in feet from the caster that animals are detected."

  • Issue(s): States that Dwemer constructs are animated by a spirit. Implies that they may drop soul gems.
  • Solution(s): Dwemer Soul Gems adds soul gems as a drop from Dwemer Centurions.
Morningstars :heavy_check_mark:

"Let me tell you about the weapon types most common in Morrowind. Short blades include the dagger, tanto, shortsword, and wakizashi. Long blades include the broadsword, saber, longsword, katana, claymore, and dai-katana. Blunt weapons include the club, staff, mace, morningstar, and warhammer. Axes include the war axe and battle axe. Spears include spears and halberds. Marksman weapons include short bow, long bow, crossbow, throwing star, and throwing knife. Bows shoot arrows; crossbows shoot bolts."

  • Issue(s): Morningstars are not featured in Morrowind. At least in name.
  • Solution(s): Lord's Mail and Morningstars renames a few maces to morningstars. Morningstars by Turelek adds several varieties of morningstar weapons to the game.
Multiple Ebonheart docks :heavy_check_mark:

"I gave Mehra Milo a Divine Intervention scroll. She'll meet me at Holamayan, a Dissident priest monastery, and we'll get the lost prophecies. I'll go to the East Docks in Ebonheart, find Blatta Hateria, tell her that Mehra Milo sent me, and that I want to 'go fishing.' She'll bring me to Holamayan by boat. I must speak to Vevrana Aryon, a monk at the dock at Holamayan, about Holamayan's magically hidden entrance."

  • Issue(s): Implies that Ebonheart may have other docks (West, North, South, etc.)
  • Solution(s): Ebonheart Western Docks addresses this.
Market Canton in Vivec :x:

"I spoke with Miun-Gei and asked for contact in the Dark Brotherhood. Miun-Gei told me to speak with Tsrazami, a Khajiit who is also in the Market Canton. I should report her name to the Grandmaster."

  • Issue(s): The Foreign Quarter is very infrequently referred to as the Market Canton. You'd think that the topic for the Foreign Quarter would state that it has an alternate name, to help visitors. Or maybe Market Canton is the official name since foreigners are allowed all over Vivec now.
  • Solution(s): None
Gnisis docks :heavy_check_mark:

"Mansilamat Vabdas died recently in the eggmine. He is survived by his wife who now owns a parcel of land we could use for another dock. Talk to the Widow Vabdas and get the deed to her land. Don't take ""no"" for an answer. Get me that land deed."

  • Issue(s): Even if you steal the land deed, no dock is ever built.
  • Solution(s): Gnisis Docks addresses this.
Redoran Master helm :heavy_check_mark:

"Aengoth the Jeweler asked me to bring him a Redoran Master Helm. Many of the Redoran councilors have one, but Aengoth knows of one in Arobar Manor."

  • Issue(s): Only Arobar and Llethri have the helms; 2/6 does not constitute "many".
  • Solution(s): More Redoran Master Helms adds 2 more helms to councilor manors.
Fundraising dinner at Fort Moonmoth :heavy_check_mark:

"After I pressed him, Benunius Agrudilius yielded and gave me a bottle of Cyrodilic brandy for the fundraising dinner at Fort Moonmoth."

Sadrith Mora, Tel Naga treasury :heavy_check_mark:

"Fast Eddie offered to bring me the Ring of Equity from a hidden place in Master Neloth's treasury if I bring him one of the keys for Tel Naga. Any guard should have a key as should Master Neloth himself."

Redoran Master helm :heavy_check_mark:

"The destruction discipline is the mastery of the spell effects of the College of Destruction. The destruction spells harm living and undead creatures, and mages specializing in destruction are usually war wizards."

  • Issue(s): The class of War Wizard (possibly a Dunmer class) has been replaced by the Imperial Class of Battle Mage.
  • Solution(s): 29 Custom Classes includes a War Wizard class.
Kwama queen death consequences :x:

"You have killed the queen? That is unfortunate. Wait a few days and return to the mind to see if a new queen has been born If not, the mine is lost forever and I will be somewhat disappointed."

  • Issue(s): No Kwama Queens respawn and mines do not die off after the queen is dead.
  • Solution(s): None
Cliff racer plumes :x:

"Racer plumes from the native bird-like cliff racer are used locally and throughout the Empire as decorations for garments and household goods."

  • Issue(s): And yet they are not seen used anywhere (despite ashlanders wearing furry pelts from unknown animals). Plus, they're rather ugly in game, and are of unclear origin from the Cliff Racer. It is possible that the feathers worn in ashlander headresses were intended to be cliff racer plumes and yet they come from no part of the cliff racers shipped with the game. Note how the description calls the cliff racers "bird-like" rather than pterodactyl like.
  • Solution(s): None
Dreugh nests :x:

"There are nests of dreugh somewhere along the Bitter Coast. They're not to be trifled with. I don't think the value of the hide is worth the trouble. But it's the challenge and danger itself that attracts some people. More power to them."

  • Issue(s): There are no nests of dreugh along the Bitter Coast. The closest possible thing to a nest could be Koal Cave. The concept of dreugh nests is underdeveloped.
  • Solution(s): None
"Secure" the South Wall :x:

"Sugar-Lips Habasi told me that one of the masters of locks and traps has been living here in Balmora, but has not contacted the Thieves Guild. I should find this Altmer and convince him to help secure the South Wall."

  • Issue(s): Hecerinde "secures" the South Wall, but nothing changes.
  • Solution(s): None
Armorer's hammer kit :x:

"Nothing to it. Just get yourself an armorer's hammer and start banging away. Of course, you don't literally use the hammer on a blade's edge. Unless you're a barbarian. The 'armorer's hammer' is just a package deal, a complete portable kit for maintaining your armor and weapons in the field. And my advice is pay a smith to do your repairs unless you have a decent skill as an armorer."

  • Issue(s): The armorer's hammers do not have any indication of being a "kit" in the game.
  • Solution(s): None
Ashlanders raiding villages and scrapping with legions :large_orange_diamond:

"It's not bad enough with the blight storms this year, but the Ashlanders are also going crazy, jumping caravans and pilgrims, raiding villages, scrapping with the Legions. They ought to send the Legions out and teach them a lesson." "There is bad magic in the dust from Red Mountain. The grass dies, the kwama and guar go mad, bite and fight. These are very hard times for the tribes, so the tribes go raiding. Here there is not blight, and I live in big house and get rich and soft like a fat trader."

  • Issue(s): The rogue ashlanders in the game do not directly scrap with anyone aside from the player. There are mods which make some of them side with the Sixth House, but not address this issue directly. Also, it should be considered that the tribes may be raiding because the empire and house elves refuse them aid. Perhaps they want the ancestral lands of the Ashlanders and are trying to force them into extinction.
  • Solution(s): OAAB Grazelands deals with this theme somewhat for the Grazelands tribes.
Corprus men at night :heavy_check_mark:

"The 'corprus men,' they crawl from under the mountain. They prey in the night like demons. They follow the blight storms, walk in the storms, bring death, disease. Hunters won't hunt, herders won't herd. Scared to go out on the land. Ahemmusa are people of peace, not of war. We fight, we die; we don't fight, we die. We must have help, or there will be nothing left."

  • Issue(s): Corprus beasts should spawn at night if the player sleeps in a blight storm. Or even be found in them naturally (e.g. override creature spawns during storms).
  • Solution(s): Blight is Coming adds a chance for corprus beasts to spawn near the player during them.
Lunatic and loser Telvanni :x:

"We've been lucky. We really pushed the Duke and the other Houses when we grabbed Tel Vos. And when he didn't put up much of a fight to protect the settlement charters, we sent out our losers and lunatics to stake new claims. Some will survive, some won't. But Hlaalu and Redoran have to respond. And in the end, the ones that survive give us more power and influence here on Vvardenfell."

  • Issue(s): The "rogue" Telvanni found in Velothi Towers are described as the "losers and lunatics" of the House yet they have fairly ordinary personalities when you meet some of them in the Telvanni quests. Could be made more eccentric.
  • Solution(s): None
Blighted kwama mine = blighted workers :heavy_check_mark:

"I have heard that the Blight has infested the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine." "You are? Wait... I heard that mine was blighted. You won't find any miners willing to work in a blighted mine."

Old Blue Fin :heavy_check_mark:

"Thank you for asking, %PCName. Normally things are pretty quiet in Ald Velothi, but Old Blue Fin is back and up to his old tricks. It's time someone got rid of Old Blue Fin for good."

  • Issue(s): Old Blue Fin doesn't have a blue fin.
  • Solution(s): Old Blue Fine addresses this.
Ajira's flowers :heavy_check_mark:

"Yes, Ajira must study flowers now. Ajira needs samples of Gold Kanet, Stoneflower Petals, Willow Anther, and Heather. These can all be found on the shores of Lake Amaya."

  • Issue(s): Ajira has 5 restocking copies of Willow Anther and Heather that you can buy from her, and she will accept the ones you've bought from her for the quest.
  • Solution(s): FMI - Misc removes these flowers from her inventory.
Wizard's staff :heavy_check_mark:

"In order to advance to the rank of %NextPCRank, you must have a Wizard's Staff."

  • Issue(s): Even though Wizard's Staffs are a requisite for advancing in the guild, the other high ranking members don't have any.
  • Solution(s): Wizards staff for wizards gives Wizard's Staffs to a few high ranking Mages Guild members.
Telvanni mouth silver staff of peace :heavy_check_mark:

"Baladas will be joining the council, and, as we agreed, I will be your patron. Please accept this Silver Staff of Peace, the traditional patron's gift to his protege. You are now my Mouth in House Telvanni with all the duties and privileges of that rank." "If I'm your Mouth, you'll be my patron. You'll need to give me a Silver Staff of Peace."

  • Issue(s): It seems that a Telvanni Mouth's symbol of office is the Silver Staff of Peace. Yet in vanilla, only you get one when you become a Mouth, which you would have to give to Fast Eddie when he becomes your Mouth.
  • Solution(s): Telvanni Staff for the Telvanni Staff adds a Silver Staff of Peace into the inventory of the six other Telvanni Mouths, including Baladas' Mouth, who only shows up mid-game.
Maar Gan shrine inscribed :heavy_check_mark:

"Go to the shrine in Maar Gan. Read the inscription on the rock and imitate Vivec's actions. If you have trouble, speak with the priest. He will assist you."

  • Issue(s): There is no visible inscription on the rock.
  • Solution(s): Inscribed Maar Gan Rock adds a visible inscription to the rock.
Mandas manor :heavy_check_mark:

"Take the locket to him so that he will know that I am safe. Since our manor was destroyed by Corprus monsters, I do not know where my father is staying. His old friend Athyn Sarethi in Ald'ruhn should know."

  • Issue(s): Mandas manor (or its ruins) are not featured in the game.
  • Solution(s): Mandas Manor adds a mostly intact version of the manor to Ald'ruhn.
Scroll of Fiercely Roasting :heavy_check_mark:

"%Rank %PCName, the healer Urjorad is overdue and presumed dead. He went to the Daedric shrine of Ashalmimilkala with a powerful artifact called the Scroll of Fiercely Roasting."

  • Issue(s): You can buy ten of those scrolls from Hlendrisa Seleth at Tel Uvirith, in spite of its artifact status, as if it was an ordinary scroll.
  • Solution(s): FMI - Alice's Package makes the scroll a unique item by removing them from Hlendrisa.
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