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Floating-point in Linux Kernel


 * Goal here is to save needless saving/restoring the NEON context at each task switching out/in, lightly said,
 * that is not happening often. To serve the purpose: 
 * - for each userland task having NEON register file used we keep a track of what CPU it used before it
 *  got switched out. If NULL then it was a kernel
 * - for each CPU (per-cpu) we keep a track of a task that used the NEON register file recently
 * If the two are in sync/ yield the same then we go saving/storing the context. If not we ignore it.
 * Kernel is treated differently here as while in NEON preemption and interrupts are off. As a result
 * it mustn't sleep while there. 
xor_block_neon_inner.do_2(bytes, p1, p2);