Setting up the development environment - Mago-DACH-Hub/documentation Wiki

Development Environment

To start developing a Mago Application it's necessary to set up a Development environment:

  • Download the latest Mago Build using your Microarea credentials
  • Install SQL Server Express Dev
  • Install SQL Server Management Studio
  • Install the necessary Windows Features
  • Download Visual Studio 2019 (Direct Download: Community|Professional|Enterprise)
  • Download the VS2019 install configuration. More Details here
  • Install Visual Studio 2019 importing the configuration.
  • Start VS2019
  • Install the microarea addon under Extensions -> Manage Extensions and search for "Microarea"
  • Create a folder under C:\ (name only a-z and 0-9)
  • Extract from the Mago Build into the previously created folder
  • Extract Mago4 into the previously created folder
  • Open the solution under Standard\Applications\ERP\ERP.sln
  • Try to build Mago 4
  • If you run into problems, open Powershell and unblock the necessary files using the "Unblock-File" command:
    Unblock-File ./Standard/Applications/ERP/Barcode/Microarea.ERP.BarcodeComponents/ScanDataCtrl.cs
    Unblock-File ./Apps/TBApps/Debug/*
    Unblock-File ./Apps/TBApps/Release/*
    Unblock-File ./Apps/AdministrationConsole/Release/*
  • Create a IIS Directory by VS2019 under Extensions -> Microarea Tools -> Create IIS Directory (starting VS2019 as Admin might be needed)
  • Open the Administration Console under /Apps/AdministrationConsole/Release/
  • Register Mago4 using the Serial under
  • Create a new sytem database
  • Create a new company by right clicking "companies" on the left
  • Right click on the new company and select create/update database structure and click on create
  • Right click on the new company and select manage company data
  • Select Manage Sample Data and click through the dialogue
  • Start Mago4 from VS2019 using F5

To generate an application you also need the tb-legacy tool:

Your Mago4 development environment should now be fully setup.

Generating an application with tblegacy

To generate an application we use the tb-legacy tool as follows:

PS C:\development\newdev\Standard\Applications> tbl n Comics

Welcome to the TBLegacy generator!
? What is the name of your organization? Zucchetti
? Give your app a description Comics App
? Application version
? Is it a codeless application? No
? Re-use ERP precompiled headers? Yess
? Name of the first module comics
? Description of the module comics module
? Module 4-chars short name CMIC
? Name of the first library Dbl

After that restart IIS with iisreset Please also take a look at Especially important is the registration of the application in the Microarea Portal