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Development Environment

To start developing a Mago Application it's necessary to set up a Development environment:

Prepare your machine:

Create your development environment:

  • Create a folder to contain the development environment under C:\ (e.g. C:\DEV\DevDesktop_351; it's best to use only alphanumeric symbols as well as '-' or '_'. Try to not nest the subfolders too much to avoid issues due to excessive long pathnames and ABSOLUTLEY AVOID SPACES!)

  • Extract from the Mago Build into the previously created folder

  • Extract Mago4 into the previously created folder

  • Open the solution under Standard\Applications\ERP\ERP.sln (it's recommended to start Visual Studio as administrator)

  • Try to build Mago 4

  • If you run into problems, open Powershell, browse to your development path and unblock the necessary files using these "Unblock-File" commands:

    Unblock-File ./Standard/Applications/ERP/Barcode/Microarea.ERP.BarcodeComponents/ScanDataCtrl.cs
    Unblock-File ./Apps/TBApps/Debug/*
    Unblock-File ./Apps/TBApps/Release/*
    Unblock-File ./Apps/AdministrationConsole/Release/*
  • Create a IIS Directory by VS2019 under Extensions -> Microarea Tools -> Create IIS Directory and choosing your development environment folder

  • Open the Administration Console under /Apps/AdministrationConsole/Release/

  • Register Mago4 using the Serial number you can find here

    └ On how to register TBS / Reporting Studio, check this wiki's Reporting Studio section.

  • Login to your server and create a new system database

  • Create a new company and company database by right clicking System Administrator\Companies on the left

  • Right click on the new company and select "Create/update database structure" and click on create (you also might want to import default data)

  • Opt.: Right click on the new company and select "Manage company data" -> "Manage Sample Data" and click through the dialogue

Your Mago4 development environment should now be fully setup.

Starting Mago through Visual Studio

Before you start developing , keep in mind that you have to do two more steps to run / debug your solution.

  1. Opening your Solution, it might be necessary to retarget your solution. If not prompted when you open your solution for the first time, you can always do so be clicking on the index tab Project -> Retarget solution and there, change the Windows SDK Version to the "(latest installed version)".
  2. To start Mago4 Desktop through Visual Studio, you can register the starting exe here: Debug -> Properties (last menu item) -> Configuration Properties -> Debugging -> Command -> "{MagoDev folder}\Apps\TbAppManager\debug\TbAppManager.exe"

Generating an application with tblegacy

If you want to use the tb-legacy tool to generate an application:

On how to use the tb-legacy tool and for more development details, check out the official tb-legacy wiki or this wiki's development section.