Installation - MStankiewiczOfficial/DeckyCraft GitHub Wiki

There are many ways to install DeckyCraft, but installation in Prism Launcher via CurseForge is recommended. Below are some installation methods.

Installing Prism Launcher

  1. Run your Steam Deck in Desktop Mode.
    1. Press Steam button on the console.
    2. Choose Power.
    3. Select Desktop Mode.
  2. Download Prism Launcher from FlatHub.
    1. Open Discovery app.
    2. Type Prism Launcher and press Enter.
      • If you're not using physical keyboard, press Steam + X to show on-screen keyboard.
    3. Click Install next to Prism Launcher.

Installing DeckyCraft via CurseForge

  1. Open Prism Launcher.
  2. Click Add Instance.
  3. Choose CurseForge.
  4. Type DeckyCraft and press Search.
  5. Choose DeckyCraft from the list and select version.
  6. Press OK.

Installing DeckyCraft via GitHub (zip)

  1. Download DeckyCraft from GitHub.
  2. Open Prism Launcher.
  3. Click Add Instance.
  4. Choose Import from zip.
  5. Click Browse and select zip with DeckyCraft.
  6. Press OK.