Game Compatibility List - LucidVR/opengloves-driver Wiki

Updated as of v0.4

This list is not exhaustive!

Games that require Knuckles Emulation and do not support Force Feedback are not listed here - OpenGloves should be compatible with any of these games (VRChat being a notable exception). Though, if you encounter problems with any of these games, please contact us on our discord server.

Game Finger tracking Force Feedback
Half Life: Alyx Full Partial (v0.4, requires mod and integration)
Custom Unity Demo Full Full (v0.4, native)
Boneworks Knuckles Emulation Full (v0.4, requires mod)
Aperture Hand Lab Full NONE
The Lab Full NONE
Vail VR Full NONE
VRChat K.E (Kinda broken)* NONE

*While the finger tracking works as expected, VRChat will use your physical controllers for full body tracking, breaking your player model because suddenly your hip will appear where one of your hands are. Apparently it is possible to work around this by only turning on the controllers after FTB is active or disabling FBT altogether. This is a problem due to VRChat ignoring tracker roles and our attempts to circumvent it software side have failed. Go bug them if this annoys you.

Making your own applications/mods compatible

Finger Tracking

OpenGloves uses the SteamVR Skeletal Input System for finger tracking, and if you are working with this system, then you are almost certainly compatible with OpenGloves.

Many of the popular games were created before this system was created, and so don't take advantage of it, instead opting to receive inputs directly from controllers like the index, which is why we need to emulate these controllers.

Force Feedback

If you'd like to integrate with Force Feedback, refer to