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How to use the endpoint

There are a few proof of concept example applications for usage of the endpoint at https://litcal.johnromanodorazio.com/usage.php, which demonstrate generating an HTML representation of the Liturgical Calendar.

PHP web calendar example

The first example uses cURL in PHP to make a request to the endpoint and handle the results.

Javascript web calendar example

The second example uses AJAX in Javascript to make the request to the endpoint and handle the results.

Fullcalendar web calendar example

Liturgy of the Day

An Alexa newsbrief skill that gives the Liturgy of the Day has it's own repo here: https://github.com/Liturgical-Calendar/AmazonAlexa-newsbrief

Liturgy of any Day

I was asked if it's possible to look up the liturgy for the day of one's own baptism. So I created a page where you could look up the liturgy for any day: https://litcal.johnromanodorazio.com/liturgyOfAnyDay.php .

I created this directly in the Frontend repository:

This example makes use of both gettext and i18next.

All of these examples request JSON as the data exchange format generated by the endpoint. Any application could use the endpoint in a similar manner: an Android App, a plugin for a Desktop Publishing App...

The Web calendar examples have been placed in their own repository at https://github.com/Liturgical-Calendar/examples . If you would like to contribute an example of your own, feel free to fork the examples repo, create your own example, and submit a Pull Request!

Swaggerhub / OpenAPI documentation for usage of the API can be found here (kudos to @MichaelRShelton for generating the docs from the Swagger docker image).