Design Document - LimeIcing/WargameCampaignManager Wiki

Wargame Campaign Manager


Core concept

Lightweight cross-platform desktop app to serve as a game-system-agnostic tool for managing narrative campaigns in miniature wargaming. The idea is to have an app that’s easy to load up with premade campaigns, so that you can quickly get into the fun of playing your favourite miniature wargame in a narrative setting.

The purpose is to be able to both create new narrative campaigns and update them inside the campaign manager, and play them inside the campaign runner.

Data management

Data for a campaign is to be saved/loaded as a .csv file, while save-games are kept as .json.

Game types


Choose-your-own-adventure style. Has predetermined events, encounters and possibilities for the end story, which are prewritten.


Pick an enemy (or multiple), set campaign parameters, write a little flavour text, and start killing.

MVP (0.1)