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Entity EXP

entityexp folder stores all tools levels that the player will earn by killing entity with the tool, for example the axe.json file stores all entities and experience that axe will earn by killing that entities

Level Stats

levelstats folders stores all others data about the level system, and for each level have specific configurations to be set, in this example consider changing the level to the level type you want to chance for example => levelEXPPerHit = axeEXPPerHit

  • levelEXPPerHit => experience earned by hitting any entity with that tool
  • levelEXPPerBreaking => experience earned by breaking things with that tool
  • levelEXPPerTreeBreaking => experience earned by chopping things with that tool
  • levelEXPPerLevelBase => the base experience calculation for levels
  • levelEXPMultiplyPerLevel => each level the player earns is more difficulty for getting new levels, this is the modifier for that difficulty
  • levelBaseDamage => base damage for that type of tool
  • levelIncrementDamagePerLevel => the percentage increasing the damage of that tool each level the player have
  • levelBaseMiningSpeed => base mining speed for that tool, only applies in the blocks that tools breaks
  • levelIncrementMiningSpeedMultiplyPerLevel => the percentage increasing the mining speed for that tool
  • levelBaseDurabilityRestoreChance => base chance for using the tool and not losing the durability
  • levelDurabilityRestoreChancePerLevel => chance increased for not losing the durability per level
  • levelDurabilityRestoreEveryLevelReduceChance => each level that will reduce the chance earned by levels, for example: until level 5 you earn 2.0, but after level 5 you are earning only 1.5 chances.
  • levelDurabilityRestoreReduceChanceForEveryLevel => the actual chance that will be reduced after levelDurabilityRestoreEveryLevelReduceChance
  • levelBaseChanceToNotLoseArrow => base chance to not losing the arrow when shotting to entity
  • levelChanceToNotLoseArrowBaseIncreasePerLevel => how much chance you will earn per level to not lose the arrow when shotting
  • levelChanceToNotLoseArrowReduceIncreaseEveryLevel => each level that will reduce the chance earned by levels, for example: until level 5 you earn 2.0, but after level 5 you are earning only 1.5 chances.
  • levelChanceToNotLoseArrowReduceQuantityEveryLevel => the actual chance that will be reduced after levelChanceToNotLoseArrowReduceIncreaseEveryLevel
  • levelBaseAimAccuracy => base aim accuracy for shotting or throwing with the tool
  • levelIncreaseAimAccuracyPerLevel => accuracy gained each level the player has with the tool
  • levelEXPPerTill => experience gained by tilling the soil
  • levelBaseHarvestMultiply => base amount of drops will be get after harvesting things of the level type
  • levelIncrementHarvestMultiplyPerLevel => each level will increase this amount of the harvest drop rate
  • levelBaseOreMultiply => increase the ore drop rate by breaking with the tool
  • levelIncrementOreMultiplyPerLevel => each level will increase this amount of the ore drop rate
  • levelEXPMultiplyByDamage => based on the damage will multiply the xp every levelEXPIncreaseByAmountDamage
  • levelEXPIncreaseByAmountDamage => every this damage will increase the experience gained
  • levelBaseHP => base character health
  • levelBaseHPRegen => base character health regeneration
  • levelHPIncreasePerLevel => every level increase this amount of health
  • levelHPRegenIncreasePerLevel => every level increase this amount of health regeneration
  • levelBaseSmithAnimationSpeed => increase the base animation speed for smithing in anvil
  • levelIncreaseSmithAnimationSpeedPerLevel => increase every level the levelBaseSmithAnimationSpeed
  • levelBaseChanceToDouble => base chance for duplicating incomings results
  • levelIncreaseChanceToDoublePerLevel => the base amount for increasing the levelBaseChanceToDouble every level
  • levelIncreaseChanceToDoublePerLevelReducerPerLevel => every this level will reduce the levelIncreaseChanceToDoublePerLevel amount
  • levelIncreaseChanceToDoublePerLevelReducer => actual quantity to reduce for every levelIncreaseChanceToDoublePerLevelReducerPerLevel
  • levelArmorBaseDamageReduction => base reduction for damage received using this type of armor
  • levelArmorDamageReductionPerLevel => reduction earned per player level
  • levelArmorEXPIncreaseByAmountDamage => every damage the player receive will multiply by levelArmorEXPIncreaseByAmountDamage amount
  • levelArmorEXPPerReceiveHit => the base experience earned every damage received
  • levelArmorEXPIncreaseByAmountDamage => multiply levelArmorEXPPerReceiveHit earned for every levelArmorEXPIncreaseByAmountDamage
  • levelBaseReduction => base reduction for incoming damage received using this type of tool
  • levelIncrementReductionPerLevel => amount of reduction reduced every player level

Farming crops

farmingcrops.json stores the crops that you will earn experience by breaking, if you add a block code id you will earn farming experience by breaking it.

Pickaxes ores

pickaxesores.json stores all the ores that you will earn experience by breaking


cookingpots.json stores all cooked pots ids and the experience to multiply, cookingsingles.json stores all the single foods and the experience to multiply

Cooking pots and single cookings works in differents ways so is necessary to not add cookings singles in cooking pots and cooking pots in cooking singles.


levelarmoritems.json stores all armors for that level and the resistance multiply.


base.json is the main configuration for the level up, here you can change a wider range of settings

  • enableHardcore => enable or disable losing experience when the player dies
  • hardcoreLosePercentage => the percentage that the player will CONTINUE with, for example you have 100 experience and you want to lose only 20% of it, you need to use the 0.8, 50% use the 0.5, 80% use the 0.2
  • enableDurabilityMechanic => enable or disable the chance for not losing durability based in level tool
  • enableLevel... => enable or disable the functionalities for that level
  • cookingFirePitOverflow => if some recipe is missing or 100 players in the server cooking at the same time can cause a firepit overflow, this variavel will stop the cooking experience function to not crash the server, but all experience and new cooking stats will be lost, normally the error for "Cooking overflowed" is cause by a missing cooking recipe in cookingpots.json or cookingsingle.json, when this happens a log will appear indicating the recipe missing.
  • minimumEXPEarned => this is the minimum experience a class can earn from any action
  • disableServerChannel => disable the channel for client communicating with the server, this is totally necessary for single player and LAN but not necessary for dedicated servers, if you have the server channel enabled on your dedicated server a malicious player who knows programming well can send messages to increase his experience
  • enableLevelUpChatMessages => when the player level up he receives a message in the chat indicating the level, false for disabling
  • enableLevelUpExperienceServerLog => all experience earned by the players will be logged in server terminal or server-main.txt in logs folder
  • enableExtendedLog => disable or enable the extended logs, used when you find some bug and you need to post some issue

Class EXP

Stores all the classes from the game, with this folder you can manipulate how the class will receive experience in levelup, by default comes with the vanilla classes, you can create classes by copying one and changing the name to the new class id