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While it is important to show the data by plotting conditions, it is also important to show differences between conditions and/or groups. Here I explain how to create such difference between two conditions. If you have multiple conditions, you have to show relevant ones. For instance, for 3 conditions, and all comparisons matter, then you want to show (1 vs 2), (1 vs 3) and (2 vs 3).

What are the CI?

For each summary stat (e.g. the mean) we also plot the 95% Highest Density Intervals. These are generated using a Bayesian bootstrap. This means that for a given value, you can see the 95% probability the value is in that interval. Summary stats for beta values


You should have computed summary statistics for Beta values, with one file per condition so then create the difference. Files are named (myname)_single_subjects_Betas.mat. This also works for ERP, using the (myname)_single_subjects(stat1).mat files.

Computing and showing differences