Kernel V4.4 New _ Current issues and fixes - LGE-G5-G6-V20/msm8996_lge_kernel Wiki


  • Audio over HDMI doesn't work: Audio gets routed to the phone's speakers instead. Happens on V20 and G5 - Fixed, see the Fixes section below.

  • Camera doesn't work: It's close, but still fails when trying to actually use it. Seems to be something on ISP. - Fixed, for the V20 and G6 at least. Details in the Fixes section below.

  • Infrared Blaster: It's in the "almost works" territory ever since 3.18 got updated. Currently we have some minor improvements to it in the form of suspend/resume routines that not only improve power consumption, but also help it work a bit better at sending signals.


Audio over HDMI:

Turns out this one was a regression from changing the mtp audio props in the device trees. By not including the following commits in the newer source:

Delete "sound-9335" node from msm8996-mtp.dtsi

Change how we handle msm8996-mtp additions

And adding some adjustments to G5 and G6 such as: This one and also this one seems to have fixed audio as a whole for all phones.


Not sure if it works for all phones yet, but it's confirmed to work on V20 & G6 now and we already have some fixes in place:

Disable MSM's legacy camera

fix for older blobs

Adjust the LGE ifdefs in msmb_camera.h

Make LGE additions be easier to toggle

msm: camera: sensor: Fix video node creation

Revert "msm: camera: sensor: Add OIS read functionality" - Removed, doesn't help.

msm: camera: isp: Fix memory leaks in vfe probe

camera: isp: Add an LGE ifdef for vfe_fuse attribution

camera_v2: Add a workaround to VIDIOC_MSM_ISP_AHB_CLK_CFG cmd

defconfig: Disable LGE_CAM_PREVIEW_TUNE

It's a good idea to go back and see if any of those commits can be reverted later.


As of yet, we only have a single commit that helps it work better:

Fiddle with the IrRC driver

We'll need some additional adjustments to IR if we are to fix it kernel-side without depending on the rom's consumerIR hal patches.