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Controller bindings guide

The controller bindings in Skyrim VR depend on the bindings inside your VR software as well as the game bindings. We assume you use default bindings in your VR software except if you use Index controllers.

For Index controllers, no matter the controller binding you use inside Skyrim, you need to enable the VRIK SteamVR bindings in addition to the controller bindings file in MO2: Navigate to your SteamVR Settings -> Devices -> Controller Settings. Click on Manage Controller Bindings. Select The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimVR from the drop down list. Click "Edit this Binding" (you may need to click the "Custom" button to make it appear). A new window will pop up. You may need to click Back in the top-left. Make sure it shows your Index Controllers as the Current Controller - Change it if necessary. A list of Community bindings should become visible. Find and select the "VRIK Index Controller Bindings V2.1.0" in the list. Be careful not to select the older V1.0.0 or V2.0.0 bindings by mistake, as this will not work. Selecting the VRIK Index Controller Bindings V2.1.0 here will complete the process. This can also be done when the game was already started from inside the SteamVR settings menu in VR.

Note: Always remember to turn on your controllers before starting SkyrimVR, or you will encounter game-breaking bugs! This is important no matter which VR headset you use.

In this guide I explain the controller mappings in more detail so you can change to whatever you wish if you want.

The different bindings

In MO2 you can select different bindings or none at all (that will use vanilla bindings). Here you can see the bindings that will be used ingame.


These bindings are for general gameplay.




image Importantly, the Cangar bindings do not have a shout button, as I shout only with VRIK gestures. If I play a build that uses the shout button regularly (e.g. when using Spellsiphon), here is a binding that has shout mapped to the left grip:



These bindings will be used in menus. They are part of the other bindings! Loot menus are slightly different than the regular item menu.