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Setting Up Development Environment

This guide will help you setup the development environment for both the app and the backend:





Setup Steps (2)

  1. Clone the repository using git clone
  2. Install Docker Desktop, as highlighted in prerequisites.
  3. Locate the .env.example file in the main directory, duplicate it, and rename it to .env, edit any information you wish.
  4. Write docker-compose up into cmd or in any terminal this may take a while on the first go as all the dependancies are being downloaded.
  5. You can verify the instances are now up by typing docker ps into cmd or terminal.
  6. You're now all setup!


  1. How to exit the instance (turn off the backend)? CTRL+C (Win) or CMD+C (Mac).
  2. How to enable hot-restart? It is already enabled with the dev environment, just save your changes and the server will auto restart.
  3. How to push to production? You don't need to do anything special. We have setup an auto-deploy script, which builds the prod docker image, pushes it to dockerhub, and brings the prod-server upto date. This script is triggered when a PR is merged into master.