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Responsible for being a service for messaging


I've built a database of the default Users, Added a Messages table, which contains all messages after being stored there and they are all readed, and made a NewMessages table for incoming, unreaded messages, in case its easier to work with... Wanted to use cache, but something went wrong with it, and it was worse


Method Routes (api/auth/) Purpose
GET chats Check if theres unreaded messages, and alert user
GET users Get registrated users to chat with
GET name Gives back your own name which is authenticated
POST messages Gives back all the messages for the specificated sender-receiver
POST send Send message to db
POST delete Delete readed message from db (plans for changing only turning the specific message off, and will stay there, but wont be visible, also to 'delete' like this unreaded messages)
PUT edit Edit readed message (plans for changing it to be able to change unreaded messages)


Method Purpose
__Construct authentication
getAuth Get AuthController object
getAuthUserName Get authenticated users name to work with easier
getUsersToChat Returns a list of users
sendMessage Sending/saving message in database
editMessage Changes the message of a record both on readed and unreaded messages table (messages, new_messages)
deleteMessage 'delete' a message, it makes changes a state in db, and when the message is gone to frontend now it will show its deleted, also can do the same on readed and unreaded messages
seenCheck If seen a new message send it to normal table
messagesQuery A query for getting the readed messages, its for reducing the length of code, and make it readable, that its there only once
messageCache Its for readed messages to put in cache, its for 60 seconds, mainly to save a bit of memory usage for server
getMessages Returns all messages for the chat we wanted
getUnreadedShow Returns users who sent us messages we didnt read yet

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