Configuring Some User Settings - K7MDL2/KEITHSDR Wiki

Sept 23, 2022

Some support notes I posted to the forum.

User Profile Settings

There are 3 user settings records (table rows in SDR_Data.h)) setup by default

Profile 0 = “ENET ON Config” = ethernet hardware enabled, NTP time service will be enabled Profile 1 = “User Config #2” = Normal profile. No enet or panadapter in use . Time read from the Teensy RTC. Time is set over USB when firmware loaded from PC. Profile 2 = PanAdapter Config” = Settings Optimized for Panadapter mode.

Note you can set the initial gain value for things like RFGain and AFGain here. These are 0 to 100 (%). LineIn Lvl is set to be the max you want and are hardware specific. In this case I set it for the Teensy Audio adapter card and chose a value of 15. Other codecs will be different. You can usually find value ranges in the comments for the structure definitions located in SDR_RA8875.h file.

In the main file (the .ino) it is looking for some #defines. I now set the #defines in RadioConfig.h
Below you can see user_Profile = 1 is enabled (code highlighted on line 137) in the main .ino file logic above because PANADAPTER or USE_ENET_PROFILE mode are not defined.

In RadioConfig.h neith of these #defines are set. That causes user_Profile = 1 to be selected in the main .ino file logic above. (no PANADPATER mode, no USE_ENET_PROFILE mode, so user_Profile 1 is enabled). The future use case is to enable user profiles to be selected in a settings UI window.

If you have an ethernet connection then enable the USE_ENET_PROFILE and make desired changes to row 0 (user profile 0) in SDR+data.h user settings.

I have found you can get better results changing RFGain than AFGain. Set the AFGain initial value experimentally and define it in the user_Settings table. Change enc2 from RFGain_BTN to AFGain_BTN if you prefer the 2nd enc to be afgain.

No matter how many encoders you have, if any, all settings can be set by touch. Pres the function button and drag the screen to adjust. THE S=Meter winod has touch shortcuts for AFGain and RFGain. Touch the S=Meter window and you can drag the screen or rotate the MF Enc to change AFGain. Long press the S-meter window and touch or MF enc changes RFGgain.

There are many values set in user_Profile and other tables like band memory. Most are left to the default. For different hardware some will have to be changed. Once EEPROM or SD card storage is activated the last used values will be remembered and loaded at startup. Until then the values in the tables will be in effect at every reboot/startup. I think things are far enough along to enable saving parameters this winter. When writing the code it is helpful to not complicate things with last saved values in play. A switch be used can turn that on or off. There is already experimental code present but not active to save and read many values to SD card.