6. Virtual Implementation - K-Division-2021-2022-Even/Repo-03 Wiki

6.1 3D Modelling

Untitled trunk

6.2 Circuit Diagram


6.3 Flow Chart

img img2

6.4 Bill Of Materials

Sl no. Type of components Quantity Description
1 Foam sheet (2*2) feet For the infrastructure of the prototype
2 Acrylic Sheet (1*1) feet To build the casing for the mechanism
3 Small reduction Stepper Motor-5V(DC)-32 steps 2 Hour and minute representation of clock(32 steps-11.25 degrees)
4 Arduino Mega 2560 Board 1 To run the program
5 Toggle Switch 1 To switch the clock ON/OFF
6 Easy Driver(stepper motor) 2 To connect the motors to the required power supply
7 Breadboard 1 To integrate the circuits
8 Connecting wires 20 To connect the various components
9 Adapter 5V 1 To supply the power