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Remote Code Execution

Why does this topic matters?

  • This topic is important because remote code execution through PowerShell can enable attackers to gain unauthorized access to systems, escalate privileges, and deploy malware. Understanding how attackers exploit PowerShell for remote code execution is crucial for preventing and mitigating these threats.
  • So understanding the risks associated with PowerShell-based remote code execution, cybersecurity professionals can implement appropriate security controls and best practices to mitigate these risks.

You just got a new job as a Cyber Threat Analyst, how would you explain your role to a family member?

  • I would say that my new job as a cyber threat analyst is someone who tries to minimize or avoid the possibility of a hack happening to a business.
  • I would explain to my family that since I know a lot about IT networks and good at looking into data, it allows me to identify and correct errors in the businesses security systems.

Explain what makes PowerShell such an effective attack vector.

  • Its ab effective attack vector because hackers are using fileless malware to get around safeguards. This is done by injecting payloads into running applications or by utilizing scripting.
  • PowerShell is an ideal channel because of its wide deployment and access to all parts of a host via the .NET framework.
  • Its also easy to develop scripts that are applicable for payload delivery, and PowerShell is a trusted application so it will almost always be allowed to execute.

What are two things you can do to mitigate attacks that leverage PowerShell?

  • One thing you can do to mitigate attacks is to enable logging features through active directory group policy.
  • The second thing is enabling the PowerShell log inspection rule in order to detect and characterize events that hackers will try to obfuscate.

Things I want to know more about

  • I would like to learn more about PowerShell remoting capabilities, how it works, how to enable and configure it securely, and some security implications.
  • I would also like to learn more about methodologies and tools for investigating and responding to security incidents involving PowerShell-based attacks.