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With innovative technology, the fully featured Yeastar IP PBX system is built for maximum communication capability with low cost. With low-cost and high performance, it is the most sought after VoIP solution by businesses. With advanced functions and seamless integration options, it is also an ideal choice for small-to-medium businesses. Utilizing the industry-standard off-site and on-site telephone connectivity and interconnectivity facilities, this robust IP PBX provides complete solutions to all communication needs. With Winamp plug-ins, it is an ideal choice for digital and high-speed IP phones

With full-featured packet switching and branch offices, small and medium-sized businesses can achieve cost-efficiency and scalability for an expanding business. The Winamp plug-ins support IP pbx system for voicemail, auto attendant, call forwarding, conferencing calling, speed dialing, call transfer, faxing, voice mail, internet phone and other features. With low-cost and high performance, the robust rack mount IP PBX systems come all-in-one to fuel smooth business success. It boasts full featured VoIP solution with rich low-down integration and advanced unified communications and rich out-of-the box APIs to enable flexible communication, without compromise to any application.

The expertly designed Winamp XP plug-ins allow fast and easy IP PBX installation to run your own enterprise VoIP system, in a very short time. Moreover, it is equipped with an intuitive control panel to help you set up or modify VoIP phone functions. The comprehensive set of features such as call recording, call sending, call routing, call waiting, call return, music on hold, audio conferencing, conference call, find me/follow me, hold Me, call forwarding, call waiting for multiple lines, call return, play ringing tones, dial by name, fax to email, fax to me, music on hold, web based email, etc., make the system exceptionally beneficial.

The Yeastar IP PBX Appliances is so simple to use that even a total newbie will be able to set them up. The user-friendly graphical interface along with the user-friendly windows interface makes the whole process easy. There are many extensions available and these include Windows CE, SunOS, Linux and FreeBASIC. The soho admin guide and faq included in the package guides you through the entire procedure step-by-step.

The soho admin guide provides tips and tricks for setting up the VoIP PBX appliances with ease. It describes in detail how to configure the basic units and how to link them to the rest of the system. There is a detailed explanation of the different extension types used and how to configure these using the web browser. There are several sample conversations that you can listen to and which help you understand the functionalities of the system better. The operating system updates are also mentioned briefly in this section.

You will learn how to answer the phone and control it through the web browser if you select the 'web based' option. You will also learn how to send text message to the other end and what to do with voicemails and emails. The software allows you to control your voice mail and create voicemail folders. You can also add conference numbers in the system and create extensions for the conference calls that you make.

If you have been thinking of getting a Yeastar IP Bizon voice system, you can download the free trial version at the web site. This demo will allow you to know the benefits and drawbacks of this product. It will let you know how well the voice and messaging software fit into your business. The Yeastar IP Bizon also lets you test voice and messaging applications using the web browser. This web based demo will also allow you to check the reception of your calls and answer the phone using any extension. You can also create extensions in the system for your voice and messaging applications.

You also get an opportunity to test your own voice and messaging applications. The interface is simple and user-friendly. The entire operation is automated, and all you need to do is follow few simple steps. The interface enables you to set up the basic features of the voice and messaging systems and even configure them. There is also a FAQ page for frequently asked questions. The company also offers a one year limited warranty for all their products, which is one of the best offers in this industry.