4.2 Design Reviews - JeanyDeVries/ilojo-bar Wiki

Week 2

I looked critically at our design to see if their are improvements we could make. One issue was the 3D model. It's a great feature but the cost of loading is big for users who do not have the newest phones. A switch case was a solution that would work, but it isn't the prettiest. But for now it is something we could try. I also brainstormed a bit on how we could implement the paralex scrolling a bit more and how it would look like.

Week 3

This week I had a design review with Sanne. The first thing he noticed was the main screen on how vague it was on what the site was for. It didn't indicate that you can read stories of ilojo bar. I showed him the 3D model and he didn't find it appealing. He missed interaction. He wanted to maybe go inside the building. So the main page is a bit loose from the rest of the site. Maybe we could implement something that gives the transition that you are going inside (because the bar was a meeting place). This is something we need to rethink. A question I had was about the buttons and switch on how to implement the broken effect, which we also have on our logo. We first thought about masking, but Sanne said just use a image. We need to prevent using CSS or JS as much as possible.

Week 4

This week I had a design review with vasilis. He said that instead of having a discover button with the title above, maybe combine it. Because now the discover button is revealing and the title is not. Plus when you tab through the page you only see the anchor which says discover, which isn't clear on where it goes. So we could add the title to the anchor. The story page is also something that needs improvement. It is something we haven't paid much attention to, but it does need some restyling. A few tips he had about it was:

  • Make the width a bit less, now I have to search for the next line when reading
  • Let the images allign with the text
  • Make the text bigger, on phone it is a bit small
  • Look at magazines for some inspiration