2.1 Sprint 1 - JeanyDeVries/ilojo-bar Wiki

The assignment

Ilojo bar got demolished in the year 2016. Sadly it has nothing to be remembered by. That's why we come in. Our assigment is to make a remembrance of the building. We need to make a site telling the stories of what happened in the building and what makes it so special. Plus a visualisation is something that would be necessary, because the building sadly is gone.

User stories

  1. Reading, listening and look at stories about Ilojo bar As a resident from Lagos, member of the Nigerian diaspora of interested world citizen, I want to read listen and see stories online about Ilojo bar. This is because I want to know more about the meaning of the building for the metropolis Lagos and the cosmopolitan history of it, that lead from Spain to Brazil.

  2. Adding stories about Ilojo bar As an artist/visitor I want to be able to add a story to the website, so that I can add and propagate meaning to the building.

  3. Experience Ilojo bar As a resident from Lagos, member of the Nigerian diaspora of interested world citizen, I want to get a virtual impression of the building, so that I can see how it was in the earlier days. This way it will become a virtual monument of the vanished piece of Nigerian heritage


Our concept is mainly based on parallex scrolling. But at first we have a home screen where a 3D model is displayed of the building. When clicking on the discover button, you go to a different site where panels/windows are displayed of the building. You can scroll through them horizontally and that opens and closes the windows according to the horizontal scroll. Inside the windows are elements of the story. When you click on explore on of the the panels/windows you go to the text of the article. Hereby are elements of the story which moves with the parallex scrolling.

Talk with the client

Our client: Legacy | The Historical and Environmental Group of Nigeria, with in person Femky van Zijel, head of the research.

In the first week we got to know our client. We had a talk with Femke van Zijel about our assignment. This gave us a lot of insight of what she wanted. She also gaves us the content we needed to work on the API etc. After our talk we made a debriefing, which you can see in the readme of this project. We send it to Femke and she said we got the idea and everything correctly.

My part

The first week was a bit short for coding. I made a start on making a 3D model of the building in Maya. I then realised it was too difficult for me with a few vague side blueprints we had. Thankfully Pepijn hired someone to make the building so thankfully I didn't have to do it anymore.

The second thing was importing the model in html using three.js. After watching a few tutorials I made a start on importing the 3D model I had made onto our html page. It took me a bit longer than expected, sadly because I was overthinking too much. I thought I needed to import the packages from the node modules, which meant I had to do everything server side, which you hardly can't in three.js. I then got it working with webpacks, but implementing our app.js seemed impossible. I later got the thought that I could just import the packages I needed in our static folder so it would work on the client side. As I said, I was overthinking it :p.