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Project Management

Within all of my successful projects, I made sure to precisely plan out all of the tasks and milestones that need to be completed within a specific timeframe depending on the deadline set out by the client. I planned out all of the tasks using the agile methodology which involves creating a list of sprints that include all of the tasks to develop all of the required features within my projects.

After each sprint, I would make sure to meet with the client to show them a prototype of the project to ensure that they are satisfied with how the project is progressing and if they have any improvements or changes. All of these tasks are categorised in terms of priority based on the requirements of the project and high-priority tasks would always be completed first to ensure the project meets the predefined deadline.

Creating projects using this methodology has vastly increased my efficiency, time management and leadership skills since all of the tasks can be monitored and any task can be changed at any point within the project depending on the time capacity.

Team Project

I have led a successful team project where the goal was to create a 2D platformer with five different levels. My role in the team was Project Manager and this involved creating the agile plan for the project, planning out the duration of each sprint/tasks in the project, and monitoring all the other team members to ensure that tasks are completed on time and meet the standards set out by the client.

I also was in charge of programming all of the features and mechanics within the game such as, scripting using C# to implement and develop a movement system for the player, inventory system, enemies, items, level progression and a boss fight at the end of the game. This team project vastly enhanced my skills in game development from agile project planning to C# experience.

Team Project Screenshots

Team Project Plan

Personal Project (Knights & Nightmares)

I am currently developing my own solo project where I have challenged myself to test and prove my skills within Unity using C# to implement features such as reactive AI systems, combat systems, inventory, HUD, weapons with multiple attack styles, equipment and challenging gameplay for each player.

The main aim of this project was to create a game that provides players with a challenging experience throughout the game while also being fair to the player.

Throughout this project I have made sure to plan out my project in separate sprints using my project management skills in order for the final product to contain all of the necessary features listed above. This included planning out each task with a specified deadline to monitor the success of the project and after each sprint I tested the current features within a prototype to ensure all of the outlined requirements are being met.

Personal Project Screenshots

Personal Project Plan