Achievement Functions - Jamiras/RATools Wiki

achievement(title, description, points, trigger, id=0, published="", modified="", badge="0")

Defines a new achievement with the specified title (string), description (string), points (integer), and trigger.

trigger is an expression with one or more comparisons. These may be modified by trigger functions.

if id is provided when calling the achievement function, the script will generate a local achievement definition that the toolkit will merge into the existing achievement instead of putting as a separate local achievement.

badge can be used to specify the image associated to the achievement. The value is the ID of the badge (already on the server). RATools will not upload a badge for you.

published and modified are unused parameters that are populated when generating a script from existing achievements.


function current_board() => byte(0x0088)
function current_player() => byte(0x008C)
function trigger_win_game() => current_board() == 0x8B && current_player() == 0

    title = "Score!", description = "Win a game with at least 600 points", points = 25,
    trigger = trigger_win_game() && byte(0x0573) >= 0xF6 // 0x0573 is hundreds place of score

First, a couple of helper functions are defined to make the code easier to read. Because all functions are inlined and evaluated on use, this expands to:

trigger = byte(0x0088) == 0x8B && byte(0x008C) == 0 && byte(0x0573) >= 0xF6