Sales - JamesBremner/PathFinder2 Wiki

The option finds a reasonable tour through a graph that visits every node. The distance between two nodes must always be less than the distance between them via a third node.

The order of visiting nodes will be displayed, with a graphical representation.


Input is accepted in two formats, cities or links, of space delimited text files


The first line specifies the calculation required. It must contain

format sales


Column Description
1 'c' for city
2 x location
3 y location
4 name

The cities will all be connected by links with cost equivalent to the Pythagorean distance between them.


Column Description
1 l for link
2 src node name
3 dst node name
4 cost

Links will be added between nodes where missing with cost set to a large number. This allows a tour to be found if a critical link is missing, but otherwise only links present in the input will be used.