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What this does

Adds functionality to automatically handle Advantage updates during combat in key scenarios.

The functionality supports individual Advantage tracking, as per core rulebook, and Group Advantage as introduced in Up in Arms (from WFRP4e 5.4.0).


Group Advantage vs Individual Advantage

Automation is handled slightly differently depending on whether Group Advantage is enabled or disabled.

  • Details provided below for each use case.
  • If a change is required to Advantage, this is applied to the individual token by GM Toolkit, and then applied by the system to Group Advantage.
  • Advantage macros can be used to increase, reduce or clear Group Advantage pools, applying changes to the group that the selected token belongs to.

Automation Scenarios

  • Outmanoeuvring, where an opponent is wounded without engaging in an Opposed Test during combat. (WFRP p164).
    • In Foundry, tests should be targeted and handled as unopposed.
    • The advantage updates are made only when using an Apply Damage option by right-clicking the results card in the chat log (if enabled in settings).
    • Group Advantage is disabled: Advantage is increased for the winner and cleared for the loser.
    • Group Advantage is enabled: Advantage is increased for the winner only.
  • Opposed Tests, regardless of applying damage.
    • A new module setting is added to automate Advantage handling when winning or losing opposed tests. This is separate to the Outmanoeuvring setting.
    • Group Advantage is disabled: Advantage is increased for the winner and cleared for the loser.
    • Group Advantage is enabled: Advantage is increased for the winner only.
    • No damage needs to have been applied, so this iteration covers situations where a character successfully Dodges or otherwise uses a non-damaging skill to successfully oppose.
    • Changes are applied as soon as the defender rolls. Be aware that updates may therefore be duplicated if the roll is edited or re-rolled by using Fortune or Dark Deal.
  • Suffering a new Condition during combat (WFRP p167).
    • This is not applied to Foundry status 'conditions' such as Dead, Grappling and Fear.
    • Group Advantage is disabled: Advantage is cleared when a new condition is added to a character. In the case of stackable conditions (such as Bleeding), the Advantage loss is not re-applied if the character already has an instance of the condition.
    • Group Advantage is enabled: No change is made to Advantage.

Assisted Handling

  • Losing momentum to easily reduce combatant Advantage when it has not been accrued in a round (WFRP p164).
    • Group Advantage is disabled:
      • A new module setting is added to enable or disable dialog prompt at the end of each combat round that allows GMs to see who has last momentum and to select which combatants should lose Advantage.
      • Characters who have not increased Advantage since the start of the round are pre-selected to lose 1 Advantage.
      • GMs can override default selections before confirming Advantage losses.
      • Changes made are confirmed in a chat whisper to the GM, which can be revealed to players.
    • Group Advantage is enabled: Momentum is not applied or offered.


Adds three separate macros to adjust Advantage for a single selected character token.

  1. Increase Advantage: adds 1 Advantage to the character.
  2. Reduce Advantage: removes 1 Advantage to the character.
  3. Clear Advantage: resets the character's Advantage to zero.


  • Group Advantage is disabled: Applies to player characters, non-player characters and creatures individually.
  • Group Advantage is enabled: Applies to the group pool of the selected player character, non-player character and creature.
  • Advantage can be adjusted on Unlinked tokens without affecting the base actor.
  • The token must be selected, not targeted.
  • If more than one token is selected, the user is prompted to select a single one only.

User Settings

Advantage Handling Settings   Advantage Handling Options

Conflicts / Known Issues




  • Version 0.9.4. Add compatibiilty with Group Advantage automation.
  • Version 0.9.3. Extend automation to cover outmanouevring and losing momentum. Restrict Advantage changes to actors in active combat.
  • Version 0.8.0. Introduce damage and opposed test automation.
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