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To compile Pulsar for Windows we use auto-py-to-exe on Windows because of the simple GUI. This wraps pyinstaller. When compiling the software, make sure that the following items are defined (pyinstaller options are mentioned.):

  • The core file is
  • Compile the application into a single directory. --onedir
  • Make sure that the application is window based . --windowed
  • The Windows icon for Pulsar is located at img/pulsar.ico relative to the root of the repository.
  • It is best to use the --clean tag to make sure that pyinstaller cleans itself up before compiling to provide the cleanest possible executable.
  • The following directories must be added to the application (use --add-data "[source dir]:[target dir] in pyinstaller):
    Source (relative to repository root) Target (relative to executable)
    src/bin/windows bin/windows/
    src/translations translations/

Virus Warning with Windows Defender

Because Pulsar wraps the nebula.exe binary, Windows Defender will may refuse to compile the software, stating that it contains a Trojan. The only solution to get around this is to disable Real-time Protection in the Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection screen. The software compiles very quickly, so as long as you do nothing but compile the software, there will be no major security issues.

All related software has been checked multiple times for malware, and there is none. This is a known false positive on Microsoft’s side. You are welcome to scrutinize the code in this repository and also at the Nebula repository to see that nothing underhanded is being done here.

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Last Updated: 2024-06-10