How to set up the server on your device - Integrative-Transcriptomics/tss-prediction-comparison GitHub Wiki


1. Install Node.js and Yarn

Make sure you have Node.js and Yarn installed on your system. You can download Node.js from

Yarn can be installed via npm (which comes with Node.js):

npm install --global yarn

2. Install Dependencies

Navigate to your project directory and install the necessary dependencies.

You need to install this where your package.json file is. In our case this should be in the file tss-prediction-comparison and client-side-interface-prototype.


3. Start the Vite Development Server

Navigate to your React project directory (where you installed Yarn) and start the development server:

yarn dev

It should look like this:


-> visit the link (in this case http://localhost:5173/)

You can now use the TSS prediction tool.


1. Install python >= 3.10

Make sure that you have python installed.

2. Create virtualenvironment

All backend packages are installed in a virtual environment. This can be setup by navigating into the tss-prediction-comparison directory and running
python -m venv venv This creates a virtual environment named venv saved in the folder venv. Activate the environment by navigating to venv/Scripts and running the file activate

3. Install packages

Activate the virtual environment and then in the the tss-prediction-comparison directory run pip install -r requirements.txt

4. Launch server

The backend server can be launched using the command flask --app app/ run in the the tss-prediction-comparison directory, after activating the virtual environment.


The full server (backend and frontend) can be launched using yarn by running yarn start after a successful setup of the backend and frontend as outlined above.