Commands - Imaginary-Horizons-Productions/HorizonsBot GitHub Wiki

General Commands

These commands are general use utilities for the server.


Send a ping to the current channel


The text of the notification

type (optional)

Who to notify


Calculate the unix timestamp for a moment in time, which Discord displays with timezones applied

start (optional)

The timestamp to start from (default: now)

days-from-start (optional)

86400 seconds

hours-from-start (optional)

3600 seconds

minutes-from-start (optional)

60 seconds


Roll any number of dice with any number of sides


The dice to roll in #d# format

display (optional)

Choose output display option

label (optional)

Text after the roll


Join a topic or club


The name/id of the topic or club to join


Leave a topic or club


Petition for a topic text channel


Make sure the topic doesn't already exist

Informantional Commands

Use these commands to learn more about this server or HorizonsBot.


Get the server rules


List HorizonsBot's commands

page (optional)

Pick a single page of commands to view


Get a rundown of the server's roles


Get the topic or club list


The list to get


Get the HorizonsBot credits


Get HorizonsBot's version notes


Get the file with the full version notes?


Show what user data HorizonsBot collects and how it's used


Get info on Imaginary Horizons as a brand

Topic Commands

This server has opt-in topic channels (hidden by default). New topics are automatically generated when enough members /petition for them.


(moderator) Set up a topic


The new topic

Club Commands

Clubs are private text and voice channels that include organization utilities like automatic reminders.


(moderator) Set up a club (a text and voice channel)


The user's mention


Re-post the reminder message for the club's next meeting


Change the configuration of the current club


Promote another user to club host


The user's mention

Moderation Commands

Commands for moderators. Required permissions are listed in (parenthesis) at the beginning of the description.


(moderator) Disallow/Re-allow a user to use /at-channel

disallow (optional)

(moderator) Prevent a user from using /at-channel

allow (optional)

(moderator) Re-allow a user to use /at-channel


Check how many more petitions a topic needs


The petition to check


(moderator) Delete a topic or club on a delay


Number of hours to delay deleting the channel


(moderator) Promote/demote a user to moderator

promote (optional)

(moderator) Add a user to the moderator list

demote (optional)

(moderator) Remove a user from the moderator list


(moderator) Pin the topics or clubs list message in this channel


The list to pin