PRITS_TOOLS - ITA-Solar/solo-spice-ql GitHub Wiki

Here is a collection of some tools that are not specific to any project.


Other tools

  • ANA2FITS This procedure saves all information of one or more ANA structures into a FITS file. ANA structures are used in CFIT, CFit_BLOCK, XCFIT, and XCFIT_BLOCK.

  • FITS2ANA This function reads a FITS file that was written by ANA2FITS and returns one or more ANA structures.

  • GENERATE_ADEF This function finds peaks and widths of lines in a given spectrum. It returns those values in form of fit components, defined in mk_comp_gauss().

  • WIDGET_POSITIONER This object can be used to position a new widget relative to another widget, or relative to the screen. This also works with multiple screens.

  • OSLO_FITS_UTIL This is an object with methods to manipulate a FITS keyword header.

  • GET_LAST_PRSTEP_KEYWORD This function searches a FITS keyword header for all processing step keywords defined in the Solarnet_Metadata_Recommendations document.