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Horus CMF Shop

Horus CMF is an open source e-commerce solution for Developers, based on the Symfony2 framework.

Ultimate goal of the project is to create a Minimalist & Collaborative Webshop engine, which is user-friendly, loved by developers and has a helpful community.

Horus with Symfony2 offers all the flexibility of custom development for E-Commerce and can be used to design an application that perfectly meets the expressed needs. It, however, requires development, integration and maintenance related technical expertise.

Using full-stack Symfony Framework 2.3.7, with MongoDB, Node IO/Stream, Elastic Search and Codeception.

Technologies: Symfony2, Assetic, Doctrine 2, Node, SASS & COMPASS, MCV, Bootsrap Twitter, PHPUnit, Behat, Twig, YAML, Codeception, PAyline/PAyzen, Coffescript, Mongo,

Philosophy: Minimalist features, Collaborative in real time, Maintainable, Pragmatic and Responsive Solution.