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Mathematical pointillism
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In mathematics field, relative to spots, dots science : included spots constraints Normal metric : x 2 4 x 4 0
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d(x,y,z) = x2 +


R : radius of sphere
Exhaustive for comprehension
x = d(U,V)*cos(U),y = d(U,V)* sin(U), z = R*sin(((2*pi* d(U,V))/(2*pi*R))*(2*pi))

Surface metrics distances (surface integrals, minimal path, geodesics (

Constraints on the surface : sphere, donut(tore) + iso-distance

OR-tools, Scilab Scicos
Example 1 : 3 dots iso-distance on sphere gives a triangle
Example 2 : known a cone equation, find equilateral triangle whose (max za - min zc) > 10 for instance

or .........................................................whose a=(xa,ya,za)
Example 3 : known 5 locations on Earth, find 3 36000 altitude satellites, so that average distance(sum(sum, by satellites of distances)) is minimal
Example 4 : d(x,y)>1 AND d(x,y)<2

Relative to CP i.e. Constraint Programming(Python Google ORtools), graphs, GPS(Earth locations, satellites best spread), CSP and COP

  Example 5 : density, chemistry Pauli orbitals distributions

Example 6 : Penrose related : with France frontiers, find gravity point, 100km*100km squares (or less by frontiers) so that number of squares is minimal, or average real polygone surface is max, and so on.


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