Meetings - HoltHunter/Group-12 Wiki

August 25, 2022 (Meeting 1) - Roughly 30 mins

A. Established team lead and team roles.

B. Topics Discussed

  • Created the group project on GitHub.
  • Input each team member's contact information and availability.
  • Draft ideas for languages/techniques/frameworks to use for the project.
  • Decided on a time for our first MS Teams meeting.

August 31, 2022 (Meeting 2) - Roughly 1 hr

A. Established a regular meeting time.

Group decided to meet on Wednesdays at 4:30ish CT.

B. Topics Discussed

  • Reviewed the assignment details and grading rubric to capture questions to TA.
  • Reviewed the SRS template in detail and discussing how we would divy up the work for it.
  • Started planning the design methods used for the project

Z. Questions for TA.

Can we use Google Docs for Reqs document, or must it be source controlled in GitHub?

Can we use a folder in Github for meeting notes, or must it be a wiki?

Is Sprint 1 being extended?

Are we expected to set up our sprint backlog for the creation of the project (Version 1) in this current Sprint?

  • Task breakdown in Rubric states --> "Create high-level user stories for the features in version 1. Each user story must have a user story ID, title, and details."

Are We expected to make up an issue this sprint?

  • Task breakdown in Rubric states --> "Referenced with Issues The commits should be referenced with issue numbers"

September 5, 2022 (Meeting 3) - Roughly 2 hrs

A. Topics Discussed

  • Reviewed our written requirements and expected functionalities within the SRS document.
    • Determined what should be included/excluded from the project document based on technical wording, created user story language, and prepped questions for the final draft.
  • Followed up on remaining tasks/deliverables to complete per the Sprint 1 Grade Sheet.
    • Split the touch up work for user stories, meeting notes, GitHub and SRS updates.
  • Decided to finalize repo tasks on Thursday's meeting as a team (create issues, reference commits with issue numbers, and complete the pull requests with reviews.
  • Determined what questions will need to be addressed by the TA in order to provide the final draft of the SRS document.

B. Questions for TA.

  • Wording for editing the timeline. Does this mean write/edit a post before it is saved or modify the post after it has been saved to the timeline?
  • Is the SRS document a template/guide or is every section require specific input for full credit?
    • 4.3 Security Requirements (Do we need to add any outside of the project document, such as hashing passwords)
    • 4.4 Software Quality Attributes
    • 5 Other Requirements

September 12, 2022 (Meeting 4) - Roughly 30 mins

A. Topics Discussed

  • Collaborate to finalize the SRS document.
    • Reviewed and documented the findings and descriptions expected for section 2 (Overall Description) of the SRS document as a team.
      • Assigned unfinished sub-sections between team members.
    • Determined assignments/sections for what would be completed asynchronously from remaining sections.
  • Assessed the GitHub repo to ascertain what is left to complete for Sprint 1.
    • Remaining tasks were listed as issues under the milestone for Sprint 1.
    • Split the issues among the team to be completed asynchronously before the next meeting.

B. Questions for TA.

  • SRS document.
    • What is the expectations for 3.1.3?
    • Other sections that may be unclear.
  • GitHub.
    • Sprint 2 milestone, do we need to add issues as the assignment is not yet posted?

September 22, 2022 (Meeting 5) - Roughly 30 mins

A. Topics Discussed

  • The Sprint 2 Rubric.
  • proposed 2 features covered be 3.1 & 3.3

B. Questions for TA.