Packaging Releases - HeyPublisher/amazon-book-store Wiki

IMPORTANT: Ensure that SGW_DEBUG is set to false before proceeding.

Tag Release Version in Git

After all changes have been committed to git, tag the version of code in git:

# from the `trunk` directory
# ensure you're in the `master` git branch
git tag -a $TAG -m "tagging release version $TAG"
git push upstream $TAG

To make the tag the production version and trigger the Updater, you need to set the tagged version as the "current release"

Push Tag to SVN

# from the `root directory
# this is a validation step - feel free to skip if not needed
svn status

# push the tag
svn cp trunk tags/$TAG
svn --username=dimax ci -m "tagging version $TAG" tags/$TAG

Promote Stable Version

Once the version has been verified, promote it to

svn --username=dimax ci -m "upping stable version to $TAG" trunk