Compiling the Firmware - HexAirbot/HexNanoMWC_HEX Wiki

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  1. Download the Arduino IDE (you should use the latest beta version)
  2. Download the Flexbot Source from Github (e.g. HexNanoMWC_HEX or HexNanoMWC_QUAD)
    • Please note that the folder containing all files must have the same name as the main .ino file.
  3. Open the main file (e.g. HexNanoMWC_HEX.ino) with the Arduino IDE
    • The files: def.h, config.h, Serial.ino, Output.ino, EEPROM.ino, Alarms.ino, RX.ino, Sensors.ino and IMU.ino MUST be in the same folder as HexNanoMWC_HEX.ino.
  4. Connect your Flexbot via USB
  5. Set the Board in your IDE to Arduino Leonardo
  6. Set the Programmer to USBtinyISP
  7. Select the correct COM Port (should start with tty on Linux and OSX)
  8. Click the verify and then the upload button