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qexport - send messages found in a queue to stdout or a file.


qexport -q qspace:queue [-b buffer size] [-v] [-u user] [-p password] [-g group] [-d] [-o output file]


Send messages found in a queue either to stdout or to a file. If the option -dis used, then tohe program waits for messages.

  • q queue and queue space
  • u Tuxedo user
  • p Tuxedo user's password
  • g group to use
  • b buffer size (in bytes defaults to 1024)
  • v print version info and exit
  • o dump messages in this file
  • d start program in daemon mode


This command let you export messages from queue IN from queue space QS and write them on stdout. When no more messages are found, the program exits.

qexport -q QS:IN > /tmp/qs-in.q

qexport wiats for messages to arrive in queue IN and write them in the file /tmp/qs-in.q. The program ends when ctr-c is sent.

qexport -q QS:IN -d -o /tmp/qs-in.q