FAQ - Henryws/mine Wiki


Q: Will there be an auto update feature?
A: Maybe, depends on the need and my coding skills. I found a great implementation of one but only works with paper

Q: Can you add feature X?
A: If it would benefit others and not just a niche of people than I will attempt to add the feature.

Q: Will this ever work on Windows?
A: No. I don’t use Windows nor do I ever plan to. You could try with WSL but I offer no support.

Q: Add my super special jar that I made and compiled from a 9 year old youtube tutorial I know nothing about java pleeeeeaaasssse.
A: No. Only reputable and actually useful jars will be added.

Q: The installer said I don’t have a package manager but I do. Help!
A: Give the command to install packages with your package manager and I will see what I can do

Q: Will there be mod support
A: There is! Run mine -SM mod server to search and mine -DM mod server to download

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