Making a Excel graph step by step - HendriXML/XMLScripts-Project-WaveCapture Wiki

Making a Excel graph step by step

Cloning the repository

git clone --recurse-submodules C:\WaveCaptureDemo

Setup/show traces on scope

Execute tool


Edit config parameters

Open config tab and change parameters. Set ValidParameters=1. Otherwise the script is halted. This ensures that the parameters are valid. These parameters can be changed in the scriptfile, or loaded from an external ini-file. Check the executable wiki for the command-line options.


Execute the script

Push the execute button

Check the output directory

I had 2 traces active on CH2 and CH4. The WaveForm.xsd is copied and is used by Excel. "C:\Demo\CH2.xml" "C:\Demo\CH4.xml" "C:\Demo\WaveForm.xsd"

Open Excel

Make sure the developers tab is enabled

This gives more control on what to import

Create XML mappings

Create two mappings by importing the WaveForm.xsd. Give the mappings a meaningful name.



Drag XML mapping to create tables (2x)


Rename the data tables

This allows using easy table referencing when adding datasets.

Import XML files into each table

Right click on each table, and choose XML import.

Add table descriptions

These descriptions can be used when adding datasets.

Create scatter diagram

Place cell cursor outside tables. And push the diagram button.

Add datasets



Finalize the diagram

Change CH4 to secondary axis Add titles, etc..