adyen payments - Helpayment/payment-gateway- Wiki The first time I met adyen was at , the largest cloud computing manufacturer in China. Their payment process is very troublesome, especially when they encounter 3D verification, they need to jump to the page, and sometimes the payment is unsuccessful, which is better than stripe’s payment experience. Much difference.

We can't find any valuable comments.

In all the comments, most merchants were rejected after applying for adyen. I used the merchant's website to apply, and their reply was:

-they only accept more than 1,000 customers a month. -they don't support it in Shopify.

Different sales have different opinions. Some sales tell me that there must be 100,000 dollars in sales revenue a month, but some tell me that there must be 200,000 dollars. It takes a lot of time to communicate with them. ! Untitled Different sales and different responses, they don't have a uniform standard.

Their sales contact information :[email protected].

Please prepare your answers and communicate with them:

Your products.

Your website.

The amount of money in one month.

The price of each order.

Is it used on the platform they cooperate with, other than Shopify platform?