Progress and goals - HelpSeeker/CoubDownloader Wiki

This page is supposed to give a brief overview of how far CoubDownloader has come since its birth as a small Bash script.

These lists are not a complete changelog and only outline the most important changes from a user's perspective.

What's next?

The next version is supposed to be a major release, but there's still lots of work to be done.

  • port GUI to GTK
  • (Linux) use Flatpak for distribution
  • save input sources for repeated usage
  • add settings profiles
  • progress bar
  • proper manual
  • allow to repeatedly scrape input sources in a given interval

Changes since Coub's database upgrade (watermark & co)

Coub started to massively overhaul their database and API. Of course those changes aren't documented (why would you document API changes anyway?).

  • Only repair video streams that are actually broken
  • Remove mobile option (they now come with a watermark and are the exact same as html5 med)
  • Add AAC mobile audio as another possible audio version (ranked between low and high quality MP3 audio)
  • Add options to prefer AAC or only download AAC audio
  • Add shared option (video+audio already combined)
  • Download coubs from the hot section
  • Download coubs from communities (incl. Featured & Coub of the Day)
  • Asynchronous coub processing
  • Asynchronous timeline parsing
  • Detect stream corruption (incl. old Coub storage method)
  • Workspace cleanup (incomplete coubs) after user interrupt
  • Colorized terminal output
  • Download retries
  • URL input without input options
  • Autocompletion of incomplete/malformed URLs (to some extent)
  • Advanced sorting per input
  • Support for sort order related URLs
  • Download random coubs
  • Option to change the container format for stream remuxing
  • Basic GUI frontend
  • Read custom defaults from config file

Changes since switching to Coub's API (previously used youtube-dl)

  • Download all coubs from a channel
  • Download all recoubs from a channel
  • Limit number of downloaded coubs
  • Wait x seconds between downloads (not supported anymore due to async execution)
  • Limit download speed (was only possible in the Bash version)
  • Download all coubs with a certain tag
  • Check for the existence of a coub before downloading
  • Specify max. coub duration (FFmpeg syntax)
  • Keep track of already downloaded coubs
  • Export parsed coub links (from channels or tags) to a file for later usage
  • Different verbosity levels
  • Choose download order for channels and tags
  • Custom output formatting
  • Download all coubs from a search query
  • Choose what video/audio quality to download
  • Download videos for mobile devices to avoid watermarks (not possible anymore)