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Ok, I should start is, so this is main page, which was just in russian in my home page before. I'll make it better... later.


WavConfigTool is a program to configure your UTAU voicebanks easily. Instead of configuring all aliases, you configuring the entire wav file, and the program make the rest.

It's still alpha, so be carefull and read backup section.


WavConfigTool v0.2.1, Settings v13

There's no normal installation, sorry.

  1. Unzip the WavConfigTool archive in the folder, where you want your program to be.
  2. Run WavConfigTool first time (important), may require admin rights for the first time.
  3. Inside the program folder, find the "settings" shortcut. Unzip there the configuration files from "settings" arhive.

Now you can use the program!

How to use

...I will fill that later. Sorry. For now, short things.

To make new project, push "new" and select location for the project file, recommend the voicebank/pitch folder. Program saves your changes automatically. Then select the reclist and voicebank, if it wasn't detected automatically.

To configure, you need put one R marker at the beginning and one at the end, and two C/V for any vowel/consonant. The V markers are intuitive enough, but C markers... Lets say, with them you need to select a "stable" part of consonant, that may be looped or stretched. So for "b" you must select the nosal sound before actual "b", and for "k" the silense before "k" sound. Try to pronounce that consonant very long/accented, and select that part what you actually stretched.

If a phoneme is crossed, that means that you don't have to configure it, skip it.

You can click the gear icon with right button (or click the wavfile outside the zones with right click, depends of version) to see the context menu extra options, such as oto preview. Remember that oto preview page also has pagination.

How can I make a configuration for my own reclist

UPD: I made a first raw version of the .reclist file tutorial.

...I will fill that later. You can try something similar, anyway. All config files are in "settings" folder, you have a shortcut for it. All of them can be edited in notepad, although I strongly recommend you notepad++.

The .reclist files defines, what are you gonna configure. There you write phonemes, samples and their phonemes.

The .mask files are used to remove things you don't need. By default program will generate all alias types it knows, but if you have VCV, you won't need VC and CV, etc. So there you can define groups and say, what aliases the group should produce. Also there you can say, which phonemes don't need to be configured, if you don't need them for aliases in that group (see SkipR, SkipC and SkipV in CVC RUS.mask).

The .wtr files (Wavconfig Text Replace) allow you to control, how your aliases must look like. Do you put a space in VC? Etc. Below the common rules you can place simple text replaces. For example, you can make hiragana aliases with that. It supports regular expressions.

The .reclist and .mask files are made in YAML style and are parsed with a library, so read about that format and be carefull.

You have WavConfigHelper.exe in the program folder. It's a simple console tool, that can help you with debugging your reclist. Run it and type "help" to see the list and description of the commands.

About errors and data loss

As a developer, I'm nearby and can fix something; so if something is bothering you, please don’t just put up with it. Report me about it. If an error occurs, you should not just look for workarounds, write to me, I will fix it. If you seem to have lost a project, don’t silently come to terms with it and do it all over again, most likely it can be restored, write to me, well, or see the paragraph about backups. Respect your time and efforts. WavConfigTool was created precisely because it annoyed me to do the same thing a bunch of times.

If you see an error window

Please take a screenshot and send it to me. Please also try to describe as accurately as possible what you did before. After this, it is advisable to close the program and do not touch it until I fix the problem; further behavior is unpredictable.

Backups, or If the program crashed

Usually, after a window with an error, some part is not processed correctly; for example, if there was an error while generating the image, then you will not have this image, but the rest will be working normally, the markers can be moved and all that things. But in some cases, the program crashes after an error. What actually do?

If you did not just test, if you was actually configuring your voicebank, then do not reopen the program! First, write about it to me, describe what you did before, send the error screenshort, if there was one; if the program closed without error, write about it. Send me the project file, if it is missing, write about it. Then, in the folder where you unpacked the program, there is a backups shortcut: just in case, copy its contents to another folder. Better also zip them and send me too. After that, you can try open the program again. If the previous project was opened and all the data in it was saved, good. If not, try opening one of the backups. Before that, sort them by date, well, of course. Write to me if after this error you have managed to open the previous project. If suddenly something is also wrong in the backup, also write to me about this, please.


Everything has hotkeys in the wavconfigtool. For the most part, tips for them are in the File / Edit menu, except perhaps switching the phoneme type, they are: alt + V, alt + C, alt + R, or alt + 1/2/3 (well, you understood).

If somewhere the combination does not work, does not match, or somewhere you need a hotkey but it is not there, or some kind of hotkey is uncomfortable, report me please.