How to use pakkit - Heath123/pakkit Wiki

  1. Download and unzip downloaded archive, or clone it to run manually (see README).

It's available for macOS, Linux, and Windows, and archives can be downloaded here.

  1. Run the executable so it should make all the files you need and open a GUI.

  2. Select a platform (Bedrock or Java edition), version, IP and 2 ports (server and listen one).

  3. Press "Start!"

  4. Launch Minecraft and connect to localhost with listen port you specified earlier (ex. localhost:25566).

With pakkit you can:

  • filter packets if you want so you only see some;
  • edit and resend certain packets;
  • use scripting to do certain things when a certain packet gets sent.

If you are having any trouble with pakkit, you can join our discord linked in the readme.

Enjoy using pakkit!