Pre publish steps - Healthedata1/IG-Template2 Wiki

Prepublish punch list:

  1. make sure publisher, contacts and jurisdiction are all aligned in conformance resources


        <publisher value="HL7 US Realm Steering Committee"/>
            <system value="url"/>
            <value value=""/>
             <system value="urn:iso:std:iso:3166"/>
             <code value="US"/>
             <display value="United States"/>
  1. Update Title

    • Change title to reflect the published vs developmental version

    e.g., "US Core Implementation Guide CI Build" to "US Core Implementation Guide (Release 1)"

  2. Update the published version

    • Update the Title

    • Update footer

    • publish history (how to do this...)

      Note in ig-pub:

       "[history page]: the page that lists the history of the implementation guide. This page is manually managed when the IG is published
        formally, so it is not produced (and cannot be produced) but is not listed as a broken link"
      1. Create an archive list of versions page like this
        • Define how the versioning of the Implementation Guide is managed (e.g., FHIR Releases and Versioning)
        • The IG Business version specification is defined in the IG publisher control file (ig.json) "fixed-business-version" : "[optional - see below]. default = none",
        • Th Jekyll site variable for the version = "{{}}"
        • Provide a detailed change log for each version
      2. Upload the history page(s) to the publishing repository (before/after) publishing the artifact
        • contact the site administer for assistance
  3. Update path to the main FHIR specification published base ( not '' )

    • use Jekyll site variable" {{}}" ( or "{{ }}" inside xml - the spaces matter for proper rendering) and define the the main FHIR specification in the ig.json configuration file "specification" : "[specification]" see IG Pub Documentation

    • if DSTU2 then update specification to

    • if STU3 then update specification to

  4. update links to the latest version of dependencies

    • use Jekyll site variable dependency url "{{[dependency-name]}}" or "{{[dependency-name] }}" inside xml"

      e.g. “uscore” : Base url of a dependency implementation Guide (defined in ig.json) - "{{}}" =

    again see see IG Pub Documentation for how these are defined in ig.json

  5. update any paths (links) in narrative sections to conformance resources using the Conformance resource variable:

    • for relative paths use "{{[id].path}}" or "{{[id].path }}" inside xml.
    • for absolute paths use "{{}}/{{[id].path}}" or "{{ }}/{{[id].path }}" inside xml.
  6. QA for typos grammar and content errors

  7. fix all qa.html errors including broken links

  8. push repo to GitHub - check for any rendering errors there

  9. Contact Publisher and coordinate with them

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